Why Print Security – Securing Printed Output Is Much More Important Than Securing The Workstation


As budgets are becoming more strained also it spending needs to justify more carefully where you can spend and which assets to safeguard, I frequently see myself within the situation that i’m requested with a CIO or CFO which assets they ought to safeguard and why.

For many CIOs it’s not obvious where their greatest security risk lies, in the workstation or in the printer. Generally in the workstation are just employees and they’ve a logon that’s enforced in almost any reasonable IT atmosphere, providing them with only accessibility information they have to get the job done and stopping use of information they don’t need. Perhaps managing identities is much more dependent on convenience than the usual much greater degree of security.

Ways of eliminate the chance of taking corporate data seeping from the workplace come in locking lower USB ports for conntacting memory sticks, conntacting CD or DVD drives whilst in the corporate facility.

Presuming individuals safeguards happen to be taken, the following greatest risk is around the printer, where documents can be regarded or selected up through the wrong person accidental or deliberate. People can and do take documents from the printer with information they’d normally not need using their computer.

Print Output Management Systems are supplying centrally managed access control and accountability to Multi Function Printer (MFP), Copier, Fax and Scan devices. Prints are stored safe inside a print queue until a person will get authenticated in the copier or printer or MFP.

Furthermore, when employing an output management system that stops the malicious act of spying corporate sensitive information, the advantages include a lot more cost saving and workflow enhancing aspects. For instance an frequently innocent act of destroying another person’s work based in the output tray resulting in pointless re-prints could be totally prevented that will otherwise lead to waste of toner, paper and many expensively duration of the worker getting to re-print the task.

Frequently overlooked would be the security facets of Scan-to-Fax and Scan-to-Email that are both integral options that come with modern MFP devices along with a severe security risk. If no output management product is employed a printed document may be easily selected up and emailed or faxed for an outdoors party. Condition-of-the-art output management systems controls use of Copy, Fax, Email and Scan in addition to have a log for forensic analysis in a later stage.

Perhaps, an output management product is good practise for any corporation to cope with SOX compliance issues, saving sources and really should participate the organization sustainability along with its revenue assurance program.

Therefore if requested where would I spend my money PC Access Control or Printing Control, I’d clearly recommend first of all Printer, Fax, Copy, Scan and Scan to Email control and next PC Access, ideally utilizing a system that seamlessly integrates using the existing building access ID technology and may manage printer, copier, fax, email and PC access in one system.

Klaus Bollmann is really a veteran in printer output management and has developed in the forefront of innovative output management technology in excess of twenty years. He was the initial developer of most of the concepts utilized in today’s multi function printers such as the FollowMe printing concept.

Some printer makes allow output management by independent vendors to operate embedded on their own printers in addition to allowing independent manufacturer’s authentication readers to become plugged into the printers’ USB host ports, requiring no exterior authentication devices and causeing this to be a less expensive solution instead of using exterior authentication hardware.

The secure print solutions from fujixerox would help you gain complete control of your printing systems. The company has been popular for providing to your control and management of printing needs in the right manner and at competitive price.

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