6 Must-Have Instax Mini 8 Accessories

Make every moment count by capturing the best times of your life with an instant camera. There is nothing more special than having a remembrance of your precious experiences with your family and friends. Even if technology has been changing the whole world rapidly these days, you can still stick to some of the old ways.

Instant cameras allow you to relive the moments you have shared with your loved ones. You will absolutely be able to create more exciting times with them when you own an old-school yet sleek camera, like an Instax Mini 8. This manual camera from Fujifilm sports a compact body design and comes in different colors. It delivers top-quality photos through its advanced features such as exposure adjustment and flash modes.

To make your snapping more fun and enjoyable here are some of the top accessories you must have for your Instax Mini 8:


Of course, the most important accessory that you need for an instant camera is the film. The most common one is the plain white film, which you can easily buy online. Usually, a box contains 10 films. Aside from the plain ones, you can also purchase patterned films with different print designs. However, purchasing films are very hard in this digital age, but you can always check Harvey Norman for Instax accessory pack for your camera.


Spice up your instant photos by using colorful and cute skins. Basically, these skins are stickers in the form of a frame which you can put on your snaps. You will surely enjoy designing your photos with these fairly cheap skins.

Close-up Lens

If you want to capture photos at closer distances, then you might want to buy a close up lens for your instant camera. In fact, this detachable lens is very useful in keeping your shots beautiful and sharp. Similar to manual lenses, it takes a bit of a trial and error but if you’re already used to this, it will worth it because it gives you better snaps.

Cases and Bags

To keep your camera safe and dust free at all times, make sure to buy it a case or bag. You have to protect it, so that it won’t get damaged while capturing special moments with the people close to your heart. It is also best that you choose a well-stuffed camera bag so that you can secure your gadget properly.

Mini Album

Collect all your photos and keep them in a mini album to remember all your happy memories. It is a great idea to organize your snaps in one album so you can easily grab it when you want to see them and recall your greatest moments.

Wall Hang Frames

In case you want to see your shots every single day, you may purchase wall hang frames and display each snap in your room. This way, you will remind yourself of those times with your loved ones.

Indeed, instant cameras are still a thing up to this day. There are a good number of people who prefer these cameras over the digital ones. Thus, make the most out of your Instax Mini 8 or other instant camera by buying the best accessories like those mentioned above.

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