5 Questions You Should Ask Your Security Camera Installer


Surveillance systems are becoming quite popular in various organizations. There are several things that you should consider once you finally set up your surveillance system. The first step is to understand your requirements and the next is to choose the right security camera and understand all its features before buying. The third and most important system is the right installation so that the security camera serves its purpose.

You can either carry out the installation procedure on your own or you can ask a professional technician to come and do the installation. In order to avoid any pitfall, here are 5 questions that you must ask your security camera installer:

  1. Where Else Have You Installed a Camera Before?

When an installer comes to install a security camera, you must always ask for certain references. These references will help you decide the reputation of the camera installer and will also help you gather some feedback. A good feedback would ensure that the camera installer is genuine and you can cross-check with the installer if there is some negative feedback.

  1. How Does the Security Camera Work?

When you have a security camera installer in front of you, you must ask him about the working of the security camera. This will help you to understand all its functionalities and utilities. You must comprehend the working mechanism so that in case of any failure due to minor issues, you can fix it on your own. You must also know if the camera is well guarded from security concerns. When you opt for brands like Hikvision, backdoor password threats are almost negligible.

  1. How Would the Security Camera Gain Internet Access?

Most of the surveillance systems include a web interface that allows the feed of the security camera to be accessed from anywhere at any time. But this feature requires internet access. You must ask the security camera installer about the Wi-Fi range that is required by the camera and how the feed can be accessed from remote locations.

  1. What Is the Playback Ability and Recording Time?

In case of an incident or mishap, the playback feature of security cameras is of extreme importance. You must ask the installer about the limitations of both recording time as well as playback ability so that you can use these features to the best of your ability.

  1. Do I Get Warranty for Maintenance?

Almost all electronic gadgets need maintenance when they undergo some failure or damage. Since security cameras are an invaluable investment, you must ask the installer if you are getting a warranty or not and what all things would be included in the warranty.

All these questions will make sure that you do not suffer from any inconvenience post installation of surveillance systems.

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