Industrial Servers That Work – And Those That Will Fail You

Unlike the standard computers, industrial servers are designed differently to meet industrial applications and their respective network demands. For instance, their processing capability is high together with better security, transmission speed, manageability, reliability and expandability of functions among other features.

This means that when you are looking for an industrial server, you need to take a higher precaution in order to get the technology that will work for your kind of industry. This will ensure that you get a server that will adapt and function well in an industrial environment.

The main reason that you will need to be careful with your servers is to avoid unexpected shutdowns and avoid expensive repair bills. So, even if this will depend on how you will protect your investment, it all starts by getting the right server. How will you know that you are acquiring the right industrial server?

  • Applications

The industrial environment can be really rugged because it is defined by very high or low temperatures, vibrations, dust, shock and other things that a normal commercial computer cannot withstand.

The industrial chassis are therefore designed to ensure that the server is protected in the harsh industry environment. So, is the server that you are buying having the applications that can withstand the challenges posed by your industrial environment?

It is true that dust and other particles can enter into your system and cause downtimes and you should go for a fanless server that will ensure that your system is well protected.

  • Durability

The commercial computer has the ability to last for a few years before it can be disposed off without a big deal. Of course this will happen after changing and replacing a few components here and there.

Given the harsh industrial environment and heavy functions, it is hard to find a server that will last for more than 7 years. This does not mean that you do not consider the lifespan and function guarantee from your seller. This is especially so because industrial servers does not allow for changing and replacement of components.

  • Maintenance

The inbuilt mechanism of an industrial chassis is different from that of a commercial server. This is why for maintenance purposes, it should not be limited to the plain side cover but designed in a way that supports easy maintenance. Generally, the design should offer flexibility and low cost of maintenance.

  • Customization

Does the server that you intend to buy have an inbuilt ability to upgrade its system? Depending on your preferences, the server should allow for customization for specific application needs like storage and memory capacity among many others. Industrial grade servers allow for more customization compared to commercial servers and you should ensure that you utilize on that.

  • Scalability

Commercial grade servers usually require less adjustments when the leave the factory because most of their operational requirements are fixed. On the other hand, industrial servers require constant adjustments to the system to cater for different purposes. This is why you will find expansion slots on the motherboards or backplanes.

In any industry, new demands arise from time to time which may require the redesigning of the system configuration and your server should accommodate that conveniently.

The bottom line when you are looking for a good industrial server is to look for a product of high quality that will fit for your purposes and work smoothly for a long period of time. Modern technology has allowed for this and there is no reason to go for a low quality product that will not work but present you will never ending problems.


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