5 Weird Ways In Which Hackers Can Steal Your Security Details


You can lose a lot of money if your computer network falls in the lethal trap set by hackers. And the exploitation does not stop at money extortion only. Hackers can further use the hacked system against you in the following ways.

  • You can be monitored at all times without having a clue about it
  • Hackers can leak your personal information and circulate it on web
  • Your company can lose clients and customers if their security is left at risk
  • The information and details of your employees can be exploited
  • Your security feed can be tampered with and misused

5 Doors That Hackers Use To Enter A Security System

Internet is a dangerous place. It can damage your organization in ways that cannot be reversed. And the 5 weak links that hackers use to exploit your company are given below.

  1. A weak backdoor password dvr hacked is the first thing that hackers try to breach to gain control of your system
  2. Hackers try cashing out on bugs that can be used to illegally infiltrate your security system
  3. Hackers mostly attack companies that have a weak wifi security password for hacking the router to corrupt the company systems
  4. Sending phishing emails is yet another very common way that hackers use to steal data and money
  5. Leaving viruses and malware in your system is yet another way that hackers cash out on

5 Ways In Which You Can Protect Your Company From Hackers

Unethical hackers keep coming up with new ways to steal money and information. And cybersecurity experts, simultaneously, keep coming up with innovative ideas, that when applied, can shield your company details from getting misused by unauthorized people.

  1. Download firewall after changing the backdoor password of your dvr system. It will increase the immunity of your system against hacking attempts
  2. Download firmware updates that the software companies release from time to time. Since coders provide updates by eliminating bugs from the previous versions, the software stays bug-free
  3. Provide the company with a password protected wifi so that the router remains unhackable
  4. Ensure that you do not pair any virus infected device with the dvr. Viruses and malware like ransomware are used by hackers to steal precious information and money
  5. Deploy security cameras like thermal cameras, PTZ cameras, IP cameras, and 360° rotation cameras in the office to monitor the activities of the staff. It helps in establishing the fact if or not suspected staff is misusing authorization power to steal critical information

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