Canadian Wire and Cable Supplier


Sycor Technology has provided high-quality wire and cable for a worldwide clientele since 1981. It operates out of an impressive 40,000-square-foot warehouse, which is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Not only is Sycor’s inventory extensive, but its employees are also experienced in manufacturing custom wire and cable that meet needs that are not already met by what it has in stock.

Automotive Wire Manufacturer

One of the areas that this wire and cable manufacturer has a considerable amount of experience with is automotive wire and cable. Amongst its inventory are primary automotive wire, cross-linked automotive wire, speaker wire, motor wire, brake cable and battery cable. Sycor’s employees are also glad to create custom automotive wire and cable if doing so is necessary.

Solar Energy Cable and Wire

Another area that Sycor provides high-quality cable and wire is solar energy. The demands that are placed on these products when used with these applications can be significant, but Sycor’s cables and wires meet those demands and ensure that the solar power is transmitted from its source to where it is needed. Sycor also provides wire harnesses and bundled cable solutions to help these clients save time and money.

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