Dealership Business Development Center


My company has had a rude awakening to the immense amount of leads that we receive on a weekly basis we were getting well over a hundred leads. Our staff just was not able to keep up with the high demand that was being asked of them so eventually my business associates and I finally decided that it was about time that we finally started looking into getting the dealership BDC. We had a lot of concerns about where to go what we were actually looking for and what we needed to look for in the business development center that we would be hiring for our dealership.

We needed to make sure that this was going to be a good business decision so we decided to investigate as much as we could about the business development centers and quickly found out what separated the good ones from  the bad ones. We had to make sure that the business development center that we hired had good response time, that they made sure to respond to our future prospects since we were barely keeping up right now this was something to really take into account. We also wanted to know how quickly the development center was turning leads into closing sales, it didn’t matter how much they were responding to business prospects if these were not turning into actual sales. Despite the current influx of clients we were having our dealership has been around long enough to know that these things come and go so we also needed to know what kind of new leads our potential business development center would be bringing in. having repeat customers or customers coming back for renewing policies or new vehicles having top notch customer relations is key to maintaining a client that we needed to be able to retain our customers so this was important to us. Not all leads eventually become clients but any business man can tell you that the most successful businessman is the one that has had the most rejections which is why it’s so important to make sure that the potential business development center be constantly contacting new potential leads keeping in mind that in this sense more is better. But more so than contacting it’s important to know how these actually turn into appointments or closing deals so remember high number of contacts is important only if the number also correlates with people actually using the service and not just being spoken to by the development center. And last we needed to make sure that the cost was worth the amount of incoming revenue we were going to be receiving.

Now based on all of these criteria we used a few different services but the only one that really stood out and showed that they could consistently provide in all the categories that they are supposed to be helping us with was dealcenter which are a virtual business development center and they made our experience much more streamlined plus because they are operated via the internet it cut our costs via a significant margin

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