Things to Know Before Buying Stuffed Animal Nanny Cam

Suppose you are a busy parent. In that case, you must find a professional babysitter to take care of your child. Still, it is challenging to trust a stranger to look after your children while you are somewhere else.

As soon as you check here, you will understand the importance of spy cameras.

In the last few years, we have seen numerous examples of spy or babysitter cams showing abuse stories from certified nannies. That is why more parents decide to get a proper one they can connect to smartphones, meaning they will have immediate access wherever they are.

Therefore, if you wish to get a high-quality childcare worker cam to monitor both caregiver and baby, you should understand a few things beforehand. The most important question you should answer is whether they are legal and how to choose the best one for your specific requirements and needs.

Is It Legal?

We can differentiate numerous reasons for using nanny cameras, including keeping an eye on a babysitter, protecting your children, and reducing the overall anxiety you may feel while away. However, the main idea is to determine whether they are legal or not.

According to regulations, you can use them to make video recordings in your household. However, you must avoid placing it in private areas to monitor anyone. We are talking about areas such as the nanny’s bedroom and bathroom, which are not legal.

Another important consideration when choosing the best one for your needs is to determine whether it records audio or not. Audio recordings are different than just video options because the regulations change based on the state you reside.

Some states feature a consent rule, meaning at least one person from a recording should know about it throughout the process. Therefore, you may violate recording laws if you avoid notifying your babysitter that you are recording both video and audio with a stuffed animal camera, which is vital to remember.

If you reside in New Hampshire, Montana, California, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, Hawaii, and other states, you should tell a sitter that you are recording sound and video. That is why you should check the state regulations before making up your mind.

Exposed vs. Hidden

Similarly, as the name suggests, most people use nanny cams to monitor babysitters, children, and caretakers. We can call them nanny cams or hidden spy cameras in general. However, the question is whether they should be hidden or not.

Remember that it should not be the situation. Instead, we can differentiate two options: exposed and hidden options. Hidden ones come from something else, such as a toy, book, clock, or anything else. At the same time, it comes with recording features and mobile device connectivity, which is essential for your peace of mind.

Generally, they are not visible, meaning you can use them to record babysitters without their knowledge. However, you can use apparent cams such as indoor CCTV or baby monitors. It means they are transparent and visible, so you should mount them on the wall or place them on the table.

Features to Consider

Before deciding which is the best for your needs, we recommend you determine the essential features each camera should have.

  • HD Resolution – One of the most important factors is getting high-definition resolution, a video format with a considerable pixel rate for additional clarity and details. However, it came with a higher price tag and decreased storage, which is essential to remember. The storage is another factor that will ensure practicality, meaning you may add another SD card afterward to upgrade or increase the memory. The best course of action is to get 1080p or 720p, but you can also find 4k options.
  • Audio – Cameras may feature audio recording, meaning you can talk to your babysitter and children while monitoring, which is vital to remember. Still, you should check out the law issues and avoid recording audio unless each side knows about it.
  • Wireless – If you wish to reduce the installation hassle, we recommend getting a wireless option. That way, you can watch live video feeds while other cams can record the video, which is essential to remember.
  • Mobile Compatible – Since you will get remote monitoring, you should be able to live stream the situation each time you feel worried or anxious. You can use mobile devices with Android or iOS, meaning you should ensure that the camera has a native app where you can connect and watch everything in real time.
  • Motion Activation – Most of us cannot always use our mobile devices to keep track of the situation. However, motion activation is a crucial feature that will send alerts each time a motion happens.
  • Recording – Most cams feature a recording option, meaning you will store it on an SD card. The main problem is the limited memory on SD cards, which can fill up quickly, especially if you have a high-resolution cam. For the most reliable recording, you can use the one with an NVR connection instead.
  • Viewing Angle – Everything depends on the size of your room, but you can choose a wide-angle option that will allow you to see all areas. The main idea is to ensure it comes with a pan-tilt characteristic.

Watch this video: to learn the tips of using hidden cam for the first time.

  • Power Source – When it comes to power supply, you can choose two essential options: AC-powered and battery-powered. Battery powered to run on rechargeable batteries, while AC options draw power from the outlet. The main problem with batteries is they can run out of juice, meaning you cannot see what is going on until you recharge them. That is why the ones with power sources are more reliable and will operate 24/7 without any inconveniences that may happen.


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