The Invaluable Impact of GIFs in SEO


Information sharing has taken a new turn with the introduction of animated images or GIFs. A GIF or graphic interface format is a media file that features animations from pictures and videos that loop continuously to portray some messages or invoke specific emotions. Their use in social media communication has increased so much that search engines like Google have taken notice. As a consequence, many search engines have adopted the GIF extensions in their properties, making it easy for the reading and sharing of the animated images. Due to the significant impact of GIFs in modern communication, experts such as Cardinal Digital Marketing use them in their client’s SEO because they yield the following advantages.

GIFs are fully searchable

When a user searches for specific images online, the results that appear include GIFs. Note that GIFs are more interesting than regular photos so, they are likely to be shared by users to wider audiences. Search engines reward sites with large numbers of shared content, and this means your website will be more visible to potential clients. As long as an expert like Cardinal Digital Marketing has provided the appropriate metadata, search engines can index GIFs with astounding ease.

GIFs are now light

One reason experts like Cardinal Digital Marketing will use GIFs in their content marketing strategies is the lightweight nature of the animated images. GIF files were, in the past, too heavy, and this made sites that used them load slowly. Visitors to such websites often abandoned their searches, and this affected website operators negatively. That is not the case anymore since the use of GIFs does not lower website speeds in any way. GZIP compression technology allows you to reduce the size of an image by approximately 70 percent without affecting its quality. Also, and Photoshop can be of great help when reducing GIF sizes.

Increased Interaction

Success in Atlanta SEO depends heavily on how you relate to your target audience. Remember you need to turn site visitors into paying customers who are also loyal. Achieving such an objective is easy when you use GIFs because these image files attract visitor attention and initiate conversation. As a result, visitors lengthen their stays on your site, and this is what online advertising experts hope to achieve for their clients.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile users are increasing, and a lot of SEO efforts are targeted towards such audiences. As a result, GIFs are now mobile-friendly as they are small, making it easier to upload them compared to videos. Another aspect that has made it possible for any SEO company in Atlanta to use GIFs in their work is the fact that major social media platforms have adopted these images. Social media and search engine optimization always go hand in hand.

Cost Effective

Though GIFs area little costlier than images, they are better due to their animated features. On the other hand, they are cheaper than videos because they are easier to create. The future of communication is visual, and that has resulted in the reduction in the cost of GIF production to increase their usage. When you contact Atlanta SEO services, you can expect to pay reasonably competitive professional fees.


GIFs have an exciting and captivating nature that is sure to enhance your website’s views and engagement. Also, the fact that digital advertising specialists can integrate them without compromising the loading speeds of sites or increasing the cost of SEO Atlanta services is commendable.

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