Why shipping companies are turning to software for their HSQE management


If you work within the shipping and maritime sector, you will know the importance of HSQE (or Health, Safety, Quality and Environment). HSQE compliance is not just about following the rules and regulations that are set by the relevant authorities. When done well, HSQE compliance also ensures your business is running as effectively and safely as possible, and with the environmental impact in mind.

Maintaining HSQE regulations can be time consuming, however, as governments change their regulations and new technologies events come into play. It is possible, however, to simplify and streamline your compliance management, and businesses across the sector both large and small are increasingly turning to advanced software to assist them.

Being more efficient with HSQE

With the responsibility of ensuring that your operation is safe and environmentally sustainable, your HSQE team or department are, arguably, some of the most important assets to your organisation. With the responsibility of investigating and registering incidents and changes in the legislations, they have a broad overview of the industry standards as well as your specific needs and requirements. This is on top of the day-to-day office tasks that we all face, of course.

As companies are increasingly global in nature, with employees across the world, many businesses are turning to advanced software to assist them in not just completing the work but also allowing employees and managers alike to have access to instant information, wherever they are in the world. With HSQE Software, you can do just that for your shipping business too.

What you need from HSQE Software

With such a dynamic and complex set of regulations and compliance issues, having a centralised mechanism for recording, maintaining and updating your assets and their relevant compliance is not only cost-efficient, it also helps to prevent accidental oversight and a breach of the regulations by which you are governed.

With a purpose built, all-round solution, you can be safe in the knowledge that your team can keep on top of issues, registrations and any changes which need to be implemented into your safety management, for example.

With a range of options available, we believe you should look for the following elements to really hit the ground running with your software;

Document Management

Managing, characterising and filing numerous documents is never an easy task. When these are being transferred between offices, vessels and port authorities, the risk of differing versions, incomplete information or even loss of information is high. With document management integrated into your systems, you can ensure that all of your employees are looking at the same version of the document whether they are sat in your head office or on the bridge at sea.

Inspection and Audit Management

A key element of HSQE, inspections and audits ensure that any regulations in place are being followed and maintained by crews and captains, and that your fleet remains compliant. With advanced documentation and reporting, you can ensure that you are able to demonstrate these vital tasks to the relevant authorities with confidence.

These are just two of the key elements of HSQE management software, with many other standard and add-on features available to you.

By using HSQE software, you’re not only guaranteeing that your business is safer, in compliance, and streamlined but that your employees are able to manage, update, and report on vital information quickly and easily wherever they are in the world.

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