Games are Essential for Personality Development


Considered primarily as a means of entertainment and health boosters, games are pretty necessary for personality development. Those who have participated in games in their formative years have a well-groomed and versatile personality. However, it is never too late and if you have never been into games, you can surely go for them now and reap the rich benefits that these wonderful activities called games have to offer. Regular participation in games enhances not only your physical fitness but also your personality and mental well-being.

As a matter of fact, sports and even the modern video games as also online games come loaded with many a blessing. The only aspect to be taken care of in the latter case is that one should indulge in these leisure pursuits for a limited time each day. While games involving physical activity work wonders to help you stay in the pink of health, almost all games instil great traits in the players. These include the art of dealing with people and situations, strategic and analytical contemplation, leadership attributes, poise, resilience, patience and sportsmanship to name a few.

Sports help in developing the 5 crucial benchmarks of fitness i.e. strength, speed, skill, stamina and flexibility. Apart form this, they help us deal with various dilemmas in life, work pressure, stress and anxiety with a positive attitude.


The most vital component of personality is confidence. When one engages in games and sports, one has to deal with different kinds of situations and at times, diverse people too. This experience of tackling vicissitudes helps build one’s confidence. Besides, certain games help one stay hale and hearty, which also boosts one’s confidence. Competing in games tests a player’s physical, emotional and mental endurance. As one works on one’s skills, it infuses a sense of success and confidence. That makes players better adapted to take on challenges in life.


Playing sports such as badminton, tennis, cricket or baseball has been observed to improve mathematical skills of players. This holds true for many other games too such as good video and online games. Our traditional card game rummy helps players learn the mathematical concepts of permutations, combinations, probability and making calculations. In fact, these number concepts are generally taught with the help of rummy, an interesting card melding game.

Spatial Intelligence

Whether we are a sportsperson or an online gamer, we automatically develop this quality to observe the current scenario and accordingly make our moves, keeping in mind their consequences. We become adept at forming good strategies and also altering them according to the events that unfold unexpectedly.


This trait that we are able to imbibe by virtue of games, helps us stay calm in all sorts of circumstances and proceed with patience, without ever giving up. We also learn not to indulge in a vulgar display of jingoism when we win, as also not to take defeat to heart. We tend to learn from our mistakes and always stay positive.


A game is a game and at times, it happens that despite putting our best foot forward, we lose. At times, the very same thing happens in life too. Those who engage in games understand this fact very well and do not let such incidents bog them down. They imbibe a never-give-up spirit. They strive harder the next time to turn the tide in their favour. Another thing they get to realize is that a lackadaisical attitude is a strict no-no, be it a game or life, as a little negligence on their part can cost the entire team dear; and that there is no short cut to success- one must follow a disciplined approach and grind oneself hard.

Goals and Ambitions

‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’. Games propel players to set their goals and then toil to achieve them. To be successful, one requires to set one’s priorities right and then work in a determined manner to fulfil them.

Leadership Skills

As a player, you learn to interact, cooperate and collaborate with others, identify the strengths and weaknesses of yourself, your team mates as well as rivals, motivate your fellow players, handle conflicts in a mature way, work selflessly to achieve a common goal and perform under pressure etc. All these virtues bring out the best in you and pave your way to becoming a good leader.

Good Social Skills

Dealing with people from diverse backgrounds, your peers as well as your elders and coaches; convincing them and understanding their point of view help you acquire good social and communication skills. Even in case of some multiplayer online games such as Clash of Clans, players interact with other players from different parts of the world.

Stress Relief

Games that involve physical activity hep release feel good hormones- endorphins in our body. However, playing video/online games too helps us get rid of stress. Being games, both entertain us to the hilt so that we tend to become happier. They also help us vent out our aggression, pressure and tension in a healthy and controlled manner.

Time and Resource Management

Players learn to efficiently manage time and all other resources at hand. They start valuing the importance of everything more in their life.” Games help you prepare, schedule, and prioritise your deadlines well and this builds your management skills.


One learns to give one’s best shot and enjoy the game-play, instead of stressing about the result. Fear of failure could shoot up anxiety and distress levels, which could lead to poor performance. You also learn to accept that failure is not the end, and you should not suffer from shame or humiliation, provided you have tried your level best. Apart from this, you also learn the significance of a positive body language and how to maintain it, irrespective of the scenario.

In a Nutshell

Games are much more than a means of recreation. Depending on the kind of game we choose to play, they endow us with a plethora of boons such as a spirit of sportsmanship, ethics, keeping us physically as fit as a fiddle, making us mentally agile, fostering in us a positive attitude towards life and dealing with all kinds of situations and individuals without ever losing our calm, indomitable spirit etc. All these aspects mould our personality in distinct ways and help us be successful in whatever we do. Hence, for the holistic development of our personality, we must indulge in games.

‘Games are a learning experience. Of all who take up games, only one may eventually become a champion, but definitely all will be winners.’                                                                                                                                                                          -Anonymous

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