Quick Ways of Using Instagram Stories in Marketing Your Brand


Instagram Stories is whereby users post and share videos and photographs to their personal stories and these videos and photos seize to appear after 24 hours. You can use Instagram stories to promote and market brands digitallyif the brands are found in different locations. Instagram Stories is an opportunity for the users to connect with people and brands that they were not normally connected to. You can have your website checked and modified for great rankings using the Cardinal Digital Marketing website. We have put down some of the major ways that can help you to market the brands and the organization at large.

Have regular deals on special items

You should Instagram Stories to promote deals offered on a daily/weekly basis. Do not take static photos on each item, instead, take photos of the favorite lifestyle stuff for that specific day. Overlay brand-specific hashtag with the image and the dates on which the items are being sold, then promote the hashtag on your main Instagram page.

Drive social interests and sales further by trying social only discount (those who screenshot and show the story at the registers) and post time-limited discounts. If possible, use the colors that match your brands to make the text stand out.

Promote behind-the-scene videos and live events

Cardinal Digital Marketing posts videos of live events that would make your followers to have a glance on what actually took place in the real event.  This would encourage them to participate in the future. If your Brands are invested in improvement of the community, you should use Instagram to show followers the events and the locations of these participants.

Behind the scene, videos are good, for example in restaurants, to show what happens during a rush. Promote authenticity and transparency using these videos by giving your followers a peek of what it is like for the company’s employees. It makes them feel like they already know the company.

Draw your fans and customers into your store locations.

Create Instagram stories that would physically bring online fans to the store. If it is a clothes store, for instance, invite two friends to the store for a challenge. Let them find an outfit that they think the other would not like to wear. Document the whole process and share your brand’s Instagram Stories and let the two tag their friends and the circle will enlarge significantly promoting your brand.

Letting your followers participate in your challenges or events will make them feel as part of the company and it is a way of allowing influencers to add their own voice. Use influencers to promote your stories as they are unlikely to post doubtful materials.

In conclusion, Instagram Stories are the best way to market your brand as it is an opportunity to make your product appear real. Since the stories disappear after a day, quality of the content is not an issue as compared to the feeds posted on the main Instagram page. Visit our Cardinal Digital Marketing website for more information on the way Instagram stories can be used to market brands.

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