Improving Email Deliverability: 4 Silly Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Best Email Marketing Efforts


You have invested days and weeks of your life planning a perfect cold email outreach campaign, researching your prospects, prepping email templates, and upgrading strategies. It is now primed and ready to launch, and you expect nothing short of incredible success. Imagine the disappointment if your emails just fail to get through to your recipients. A little technicality you overlooked might cost you a lead and your company – a hefty amount of revenue.

To make sure your emails get delivered and stand a chance to be read by the prospect, avoid making the mistakes described below. The information was borrowed from an article published at Feel free to browse the site for more tips and tricks on the subject. There is more where this came from.

Top Mistakes that Can Affect Your Cold Email Deliverability Rates

  1. Too many emails get sent via the same domain per day. Sending more than 200 emails per day per domain is not a good practice and can make your address flagged as suspicious. Using free domains instead of corporate ones also can hurt your reputation as a sender.
  2. The Unsubscribe button is too hard to spot. If your recipients do not have an easy way to unsubscribe from your emails when they wish to do so, they are more likely to mark your letters as spam. When they accumulate over time, such spam complaints can lead to lower deliverability rates.
  3. You target the wrong recipients. If an email that focuses on engaging with a CEO gets delivered to someone who is not a CEO, it will most likely end up in the spam folder. You not only risk getting people frustrated but also waste your own time and resources on things that will not yield any positive results.
  4. You send emails to dead accounts. Another way to give up tons of your time and effort for nothing is to send emails to accounts that are long inactive. Maintaining proper contact list hygiene will ensure that there will be fewer deliverability issues to fight in the long run.

In a nutshell, the high deliverability of your cold emails depends on two primary aspects. One is a good domain reputation that results from your well-balanced and sensible email marketing activity. The other is your ability to identify the right audience and send it the right message at the right time. Do not make the above mistakes, so you will not have to worry about your emails hitting the spam folder.

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