Things to Search for in the home – Office Graphics Card


Let us talk over some specifics for that average home/office PC user. This PC can be used for word processing, excel spreadsheets, viewing photos, as well as watching a Dvd and blu-ray or playing a 2D game. Most many of these functions are handled easily by today’s low-finish graphics cards.

To complete these tasks, you are able to manage having a 32-64MB card, having a clock speed around 166MHz. You will find a good card using these specs for $40. Many of them may have merely a VGA connector, but you’ll find some with DVI as well as S-Video for additional like $100.

Prevent eye fatigue

If you’re searching at excel spreadsheets and documents for hrs on finish, the very best factor you should do is obtain a card which has a high refresh rate, in the resolution you’re employed at. The absolute minimum is 75MHz. The greater the resolution, the greater memory can be used around the card and also the harder it’s to refresh. If the rate drops below 75MHz, your vision is going to be fatigued in the flicker from the monitor. Discover what your monitor supports in the resolution you utilize, then obtain a card that may pump it that fast.

Do not get features you do not need

Should you just play on the web, or balance your checkbook on the pc, you do not need all individuals available connectors on the rear of your video card. Don’t spend procuring cash on a card which has features you may never use. If you are just playing solitaire, it isn’t likely you will find the main difference inside a $50 card along with a $500 card. One other good factor to check on may be the software that is included with the credit card. Most come bundled with nice utilities to alter resolution as well as then add effects towards the way XP looks. Many of them also have a game or two, which are generally a very good sign of the items the credit card are designed for

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