Benefits of Having LIMS for Biotechnology Labs


Just like any other technology laboratory, a biotechnology lab deals with all the problems related to the research projects handling and management. They may include maintaining huge amount of data properly, information and sample reports, maintaining quality standards, maintaining links between data and samples created and so on.

Besides these general issues that a general lab faces, there are certain exclusive problems that a biotechnology based lab faces. For example, accelerating drug discoveries, following imposed regulations over biotechnology researches, huge increase in data amounts are few among the various pressures a general biotechnology based lab faces.

As now everything can be done online or with the help of special software, the laboratories aren’t left behind. There is an exclusive laboratory information system, also known as LIMS software that helps the biotechnology sector through various contributions.

The various areas the LIMS software supports in a particular biotechnology lab are as follows:

  • Workflow management
  • Project management
  • Animal facility management
  • Animal study management
  • Study management for Bioanalytical, analytical and in-vitro development
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Barcode and RFID compatibility
  • Electronic document management
  • Storage Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Integration with shareholders and collaborators
  • Data security
  • Custom made and ad hoc reports formation
  • Reducing bottlenecks by channelizing operations and data
  • Instrument integration
  • Sample management and so on

The list of areas where LIMS has assisted experts in their researches is infinitely long.

How does LIMS get implemented within the biotechnology lab?

A biotechnology labapplies LIMS to collect, authorize, examine, store, report and handle data related to biotechnological researches. The system assists the lab to collect generated data and manage it via anelectronic document management system. With a source that has collective sample or data, the project handling process gets easy and a multivariate data analysis gets possible.

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