Tips To Get More Twitter Follower

So, how many people are following you in Twitter? Well, Twitter followers are something very tempting. Isn’t it? Well, the follower count on Twitter is something that your eyes never can miss out! The more is the Twitter count, the more will it influence your business industry or profile. It is also a direct signal toward leading your customers to get interested about your content.

How are you going to achieve the highest Twitter followers?

According to some social media statistics, nearly more than half of the marketers cite Twitter values for engaging customers. Twitter is easy to use and it’s just so simple! Well, to get your dreamt follower number, Routes 4 Media has these tips for you:

  • Tweet frequently

Despite Facebook or Instagram, Twitter has to have a more aggressive content. The normal course of regular tweets should be three to seven tweets per days. This will maximize the engagement of the potential customers. Your key motive should not be to promote your brand or profile but to fill up your content calendar.

  • Optimize your posting time

When coming to timing, if you put forth your tweets while your target audience is snoring or enjoying sweet dreams, it will never help you get followers. The perfect time to tweet posts is during weekdays in the early and late afternoons. This can help you gain a lot of exposure that nothing else can give you. Try to tweet when users are most active.

  • Utilize hashtags

Consider hashtags to be the milestones of your posts that will lead the customers to the perfect post or tweet. It has been noticed that tweets that have only one tag receive at least more than 12.5% engagement from the customers. So, if you attach a good number of hashtags to any tweet you are likely to get new set of followers every single day.

  • Engage with replies, retweets and tags

When you aim to get more followers in Twitter all you need to do is to make sure that you are making the most of your time. Do not make your Twitter account look like as if it is run by bots. Engage people by regularly tagging, retweeting and replying right at the moment. If you want to gain popularity, start complimenting other popular brands.

  • Create an inviting profile

A clean and attractive profile is the key to increase your followers. Your profile should consist of three primary things – i) a clean profile photo, ii) suitable tags, location information and industry keywords and iii) a touch of your personality.

  • Identify followers within your network

If you have to make yourself more visible, find out followers within your network. This can be better done by syncing your contact list to Twitter. When there are more people in your Twitter contact list, there is more chance of showing up or suggesting who can follow you.

  • Post more visual content

Tweets that contain visual content get more likes, retweets and shares. So, brands should try to accompany their tweet with some kind of image. Well, there’s nothing wrong with fully text tweets. However, images make your posts look better.

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