4 Reasons Your Business Need to Invest in a Knowledge Sharing Platform


One of the hardest parts in establishing your business or in making it grow is to know what to invest in so that you can see it happen. Investing in something that will surely benefit you needs to be thought about. As communication is one of the ever-growing problems that a lot of companies and businesses are facing nowadays, one of the solutions that has come up is the use of a knowledge sharing platform.

Investing in one is said to be a success for the company, the employees and the customers which is why it is one of the latest trends nowadays. If you are not yet convinced that you need to invest in a knowledge sharing platform, here are 4 of the major reasons why you should.

  1. Make Solutions Available Anytime

No matter what type of business you are in, you are going to face some challenges. Whether internal or external and you must be able to manage all of them in a calm and efficient manner. Now, instead of sending off employees in order to figure out what to do or how to solve these problems and making your head count even less, what you can do is to invest in a software like a knowledge sharing platform.

In the case that an employee happens to face a problem with the client, he or she can easily check the platform if the problem has been solved before. If so, then he or she can then provide the solution for the customer in an instant.

  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

When your customer sends you a question through email, calls or chats, they expect you to be an expert in it. However, employees can panic at a situation like this especially if they have no support to use.

Knowledge sharing platforms helps you out as there is a place allotted wherein all records of solutions to previous solved problems are all in there. Thus, this would help the employee to answer the customer’s inquiry as fast as possible, increasing the satisfaction that a customer gets from the service and making sure that the customer had the best experience possible as well.

  1. Make Employee Training Easier

Aside from customer satisfaction, you must also ensure that your employees also have the best experience in their line of work. The best companies in the world has realized that it is very important to keep their employees as happy as possible. This is because happy employees lead to a better sense of the workplace, thus being more productive. This is where a knowledge sharing platform help out a lot: making employees feel more important because they can see that every feedback that they input are being taken into consideration.

They know that their opinions matter and that is one important thing for them. Also, it is easier to train employees using the platforms as there is no need for the mentor to be as hands-on as before.

Now, you they can teach new employees to be more self-dependent by providing them access to the platform where they can learn the ins and outs of the business by themselves but still being available through messaging should they need your help or if they have any questions at all.

  1. Better Recognition of Trends and Talents

Lastly, you can also monitor the progress of your business along with your employees. This would mean that you would be able to see the trends on how the business is coming along, whether you are having new clients or if you are losing some.

You also get to interact with employees and see which of them participates actively to all the programs or activities that had been assigned to them. This way, you will be able to monitor which employee should be transferred to another department to whom their abilities can be put to a better use.

In order to have a smooth sailing business, communications is one of the most important things and investing in a good software or platform is a good choice to consider. With these 4 reasons, your view on knowledge sharing platform and their benefits should be much clearer and you should be able to decide whether to try it out or not.

Author Bio: Ehsan Memari is a blogger for BoostHQ. The leading knowledge sharing platform for organization to share, centralize and discuss internal knowledge. Ehsan is a regular contributor to blog posts related to knowledge sharing, L&D and eLearning. Follow him on Twitter @ehsanmemari.

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