Cell Phones – The Astonishing Technological Advances


When Dr. Martin Cooper invented the cell phone in 1973, It’s surprising he might have imagined its abilities today. Cooper made his legendary first call to his rival, Joel Engel, at Bell Labs on the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. The technological masterpiece considered in at nearly 2 pounds coupled with the latest features: send, finish, and recall. For approximately $4000, you can own the most recent in “portable” technology.

For individuals useful who have been around once the first bulky and big vehicle phone hit the shelves, we are able to be impressed using the cellular advances made today. With mobile phones that suit right into a pocket and most of which are actually miniature devices, it becomes an amazing transformation.

Boy, are we come a lengthy way! Today a cell phone can’t only send texts and replace your little black book, but even air the night news instantly. Similar to the giant screen inside your family room your cell phone is now receive video and audio information from radio signals and express them in your phone’s screen. Why hold on there? The LG Vu may even turn its display to be able to possess the lcd screen experience in the users hand of the hands! The Hitachi W62H is even able to installing entire movies for the viewing pleasure. Not to mention there’s ipod device integration and Gps navigation abilities, but sign language? Hitachi is creating a prototype that enables for several-D animation of sign language. What’s next?

Wonderful these abilities, our cell phones have grown to be our very own personal assistants. They manage our e-mails, our visits, even our travel plans. Dr. Cooper’s craziest dreams have really become a reality using the smartphone. A smarpthone is essentially a small computer that’s packed with every possible feature, including, full computer capacity and os’s, Internet browsing, email, Gps navigation, video but still host cameras, music player, calendar, notepad not to mention the cell phone function. Another unique factor about smartphones is really a tactile touchscreen, which enables picking a operates by simply touching the screen from the phone. And, furthermore amazing may be the icon shows which make the touchscreen that rather more interesting.

The key producers of smartphones are Apple using the iPhone and Rim using the Blackberry. The smartphone models hit the mobile market by storm. With millions offered but still selling this kind of phone is unquestionably among the best and many versatile devices around.

One factor is certain that technology is constantly advance and don’t be surprised increasingly more operates to be built-into phone models for the future and something needs to question what’s going to they consider next?

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