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4 Important Things To Know As a Web Developer

Writing down thousand lines of codes and converting that into a site is one of the innovative and complicated things to do for web developers. If you get excited seeing many fabulous sites and planning to try your hands on it then here you will get to know about some essential things that you should know as a web developer.


The most essential knowledge or skill that every developer should know is these three basic building blocks, and that is CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You will be utilizing CSS and HTML in frontend for every interface. Just do right click on your web browser and then choose the view page source option. You will get the structure of your site where many HTML tags are utilized for various purposes.

CSS is also utilized in the frontend that fixes the design, style, layout, and how HTML elements require to be presented on the screen. Also, if you are interested in online games, hop to this site.

Git and Github

Git is the most demanding version control system which is utilized in most of the organization. Possibilities are higher that you require to work on this version control if you become a web developer.

Github is a service where you can establish Git repositories to present your codes. It is utilized for collaboration or you can say it permits developers to work together on projects.

Browser DevTools

You can do many things using browser DevTools such as editing HTML elements, debugging, checking devices, editing CSS properties, tracking javascript and so on. Every developer should use different tabs in DevTools to make their work way easier and faster.

API (Application Programming Interface)

In web development, you will be using many APIs which deal with the third party data. It permits developers to utilize some of the functionality without sharing the code. There is a fabulous Github repository APIs which you can utilize for various purpose and it also provides you many project ideas every time.

Lastly, as a web developer, you should know about scaling, maintenance, migrating, and deploying your code on various platforms such as Netlify, cloud, Heroku, AWS, and so on. Many options are there so invest some time learning about these platforms, how to deploy and how these services work.

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