4 Common Mistakes New App Builders Make


If you want to make it in today’s mobile world, your business needs to have an app.  Whether it is something uniquely interactive or just serves as a more efficient way to communicate directly with your customer base, the mobile app has helped to make it easier for businesses of any size to build a solid international community of support.  Of course, you can also generate some income through ads.

Obviously, there are lots of benefits to having QuickSeries custom apps. But while you can easily use app building software to make one on your own, it really is a good idea to consult with someone who knows what they are doing. If you don’t you could make one of these crucial—and common—mistakes:

 MISTAKE #1:  Choosing Your Platform

Obviously, the two major mobile platforms—at least, in North America—are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.  While essentially they perform the same job, they could not be more different. Their landscapes are very different and that means you have to build your custom mobile apps differently according to the operating system.

In addition you need to understand the market for each platform.  Apple iOS, for example, is very popular in the United States and might yield more immediate profits. Also, Apple iOS is more secure.  However, Android is far more popular on the global market—and its free—so you might find this helps build your brand easier than it would be on iOS.

MISTAKE #2:  Mobile Web Optimization

When you build a website, it is intended to be viewed on a desktop/laptop operating system and at a particular screen size and resolution. That means that when designing a mobile app you will need to rethink the presentation for more optimal viewing on mobile devices.  While phones continue to get more and more powerful, they will always be smaller than computers—and therefore have more limitations—so you need to design your app accordingly.

MISTAKE #3:  Ignoring Analytics

Always consult Google Analytics to see how effective your site is at attracting new visitors.  And, more importantly, how well your site converts visits to dollars.  An analytics service so you can make data-driven decisions to improve user experience and, in turn, profitability.

MISTAKE #4:  Overlooking Monetization

Speaking of profit, many people fail to observe and follow a monetization model.  Will you use Google Ads?  Do you have your own distribution and profitability model?  Learn the different ways to earn money through mobile apps and design a strategy for steady profit and growth; rather than just getting something on the marketplace and sticking a price tag on it.

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