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Today, most of the people want to know whether they are eligible for free Television license. Well, if your age or any of your family member’s age is over 75, you are eligible for it. Similarly, if your age is 74 and if your TV license is due for renewal, you can easily get short-term license that will be valid until your next birthday! Once you reach age of 75, you can then apply for free TV license.

Now, the next question is how you can claim for your free license and how to get refund in case you have overpaid, isn’t it? Read on the following sections and you will get all the answers.

Claim for your free TV license

If you fit criteria for free TV license, it is very crucial for you to claim it. Never assume that you will get one on your doorstep while celebrating your 75th birthday! All you need to do is to call TV licensing agency through their Order Valium Online Canada and they will guide you for the same.

You can even be informed by their customer service whenever you will need to buy or renew your TV license. They will always be there to process your queries for payment as well as applications. Their professional team offers prompt services that include informing customers about need for buying license, addressing queries in terms of fees, sending renewal letters, solving confusions among customers, and a lot more.

If your age is above 75 and if you pay your license fees through direct debit, TV licensing agency will cancel it while processing your application. The agency will even refund the money that is overpaid. So, if you have your parents or any other relatives that are aged over 75, make sure to speak to them regarding this and check whether they have applied for free license.

TV licensing customer support

TV licensing agency maintains detailed database of all the customers. They even list to spot as well as visit people that they believe might be using TV receiver without legal license. The main objectives of these companies are as follows.

  • To deliver efficient and highest TV licensing customer support
  • Promptly response on every phone call, emails, and letters
  • Offer services 24*7
  • TV licensing companies act politely and fairly towards all customers within terms of policies and law that governs TV license fees

Purchasing Valium Online