Web Design Trends that Look Great


Comparing web designs today with how they were years ago, you can surely see the striking differences. We can say that we have come a long way in terms of the quality of the images and text that we see on websites. Opening them has also become easier than it used to be.

Despite that, the field of web design continues to evolve. Just like in any other field where design is involved, change is constant, and it usually happens really quickly. Here are some of the current web designs that you might want to consider for your own website.

Use of shadows

This design is technically not new. It has been around for a while. Despite that, shadows have become massive hits in recent years. This is due to the variations available. The presence of grids and other forms of layouts make the shadow technique even more exciting. The use of shadows is versatile and really striking.

Vibrant colours

You can see websites with splashes of colour. There was a time when monochromatic websites or websites that were totally dark were a hit. Now, people prefer a wide variety of colours in front of them. This makes the site look more fun and exciting. Another reason is that there are technological advances in devices that make colours pop out well. They look way better now. They can easily attract people and retain them within the site once they have started navigation.

Mobile-friendly sites

Given the increased popularity of mobile devices, web designers are now focused on making all websites mobile-device friendly. The launch of newer devices like the iPhone X for instance also made designers adjust the sites so that they would appear well when opened in such devices. People don’t just navigate sites using phones. They shop, bank and book hotels, etc. using their phones. If a site is not friendly enough for people who are doing all these transactions using a phone, it could cause a huge problem. When people open the site using their phones and there is a significant delay, they might decide to close the site and search for other sites. It is a wasted opportunity.

Big and bold typography

This is extremely powerful in getting the attention of people. Big typography conveys messages easily. It is easier to read and works well with small mobile devices. It makes the site look more interesting. Shorter words written in bigger and bolder fonts are now extremely popular.

You need the best web designers who know these trends. You want someone who can work well with you so that you can make the necessary adjustments depending on the trend. You don’t want to lose your potential customers. Check out specialists in web design in Bristol for more information about current web design trends.

Image: Pixabay.com

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