Value for Money: 4 Reasons Why It’s Never Practical to Purchase Overrated Phones


Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 7 –these brands instantly ring a bell every time you hear their names being mentioned. It’s as if your status skyrockets when you make a purchase of one of their flagship phones.

That, my friend, is the power of branding. They are the trendsetters, where everyone else seems to follow or replicate every turn of events or dawn of the year. I’m a middle-aged writer, so when I look for quality phones, I always make sure it lets me write my essay electronically at the least interruption.

But what if you cannot afford the luxury of buying those expensive branded phones?

What if I tell you that both brands are not always good bets when choosing your next flagship phone?

Nowadays, most brands can literally compete with the high-ends, especially in the hardware category. Software wise, there are literally hundreds of thousands of application for every mobile need.

But not all high-end brands are good for you. Nowadays, a lot of smaller brands offer similar if not the same specs in the market.

Money-wise, these low-cost phones are the best choices for you. Why?

Let me give you the proper and more comprehensive explanation on why you should opt cheaper, yet powerful smartphones.

Reason #1: Majority of Less Prominent Brands Are at Par in Terms of Hardware

The defining factor among others is the hardware within the system. Very well programmed software can only be as good as its processing power can do.

The biggest example is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as mimicked by other brands like Alcatel, Lenovo, Xiaomi and ZTE. They all offer an almost identical set of hardware powered by Snapdragon 820.

Some of them even have extended battery capacities and bigger AMOLED display.

If you are a power user and you prefer performance over brand, you know what your brand is supposed to be. Do not bring your hopes high by spending extra money when by next year your high-end phone is replaced with a much powerful processing power.

To think that almost every day, more demanding apps are available on the “App Store” or “PlayStore.”  It would be such a waste to find that your phone still lags behind after over a few months of updates and use.

Reason #2: The Presence of Software Programs That Mimic the Original

As mentioned earlier, a lot of software programs are being released every day. Most, if not every one of those, are created almost identically.

Samsung Galaxy S7’s Launcher can easily be copied or replicated by some developers in some other app name. If you want an iPhone-like User Interface for your Android phone, you will not have to go and search further. Just type in the keyword to PlayStore’s search bar and voila! A couple of tweaking and skins will do the rest of the job.

80% of the apps released in iTunes are most probably released in PlayStore too and vice versa. So if you want the feel of having a high-end expensive phone on the palm of your hands, you are in for less.

Reason #3: A Fancy Phone Build Is Something You Can Live Without

That nice gorgeous curve on the Samsung S7 Edge and Note 7 surely is a head-turner. An almost zero-bezel on a Quad HD AMOLED is just a plain work of art.

If that is enough reason for you to spend another $400 on a phone, well then, I rest my case.

But if you are into a different style of build (i.e., different sets of edges and unique combinations of designs), then I encourage you to try and research other brands.

Some designs that I have encountered like Motorola’s Moto Z have “Moto mods™” which adds extra functionalities to its already gorgeous design. Some of the mods include a projector, an extra battery juice, an optical camera and more. But those are just optional and depend entirely on your needs.

Everybody has their own taste and preference. If you could live without the curve edge and the fancy looking texture of a Samsung phone, or the iPhone’s edgy sides and feel, then that would surely spare you some dimes.

Reason #4: You Can Do Better Justice to Your Money

Yes, ultimately it all comes to this. What is your money actually worth? Is it the name and the brand, or the functionality of the handset?

For me, I prefer going cheap with the hardware always in mind. I do half of my work with my smartphone, so I cannot afford to settle for something mediocre in terms of multi-tasking.

An extra amount of $300 dollars, for me, can go a long way. I can even purchase accessories and have a decent dinner at Landry’s.

Choosing your main phone for everyday use should not be based on social labels. Functionalities should not be overpriced. That, of course, is just my opinion. You already know what is right and what you must do.


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