Tips to Get the Best from Domain Hosting Services


Today, every business owner understands the need to have a trustworthy and robust web hosting company which can ensure that their website is always up and running. This is more critical in the current times when the pandemic has pushed a lot of businesses and consumers to carry out the transactions online. However, finding the right hosting provider in India is like finding a needle in the haystack.

The digital world is crowded withmyriad domain hosting services. Each one is trying to lure in the customer in its way. According to the research by Fortune Business Insights, the global web hosting services market is expected to reach USD 183.18 billion by 2026.

Here are some tips to safeguard you from giving in to attractive marketing campaigns and gimmicks.

Tips to Make the Most of Domain Hosting Services

  • Determine the kind of host you need: The first step here too is to understand your requirements. If you are planning to build an e-commerce website, you will need more space to accommodate all the pictures, tutorial videos, and a dedicated host that can handle a large volume of daily traffic. In such a scenario, having a shared host can put your website in jeopardy by increasing load time considerably. Shared hosts are best if you have a website as a personal blog or your digital resume.
  • Pick the right package: A tight budget could lead to bad marketing decisions. Though keeping a tab on how much money is being spent is important, it is also crucial to see that it is being spent on the right things. Many young businesses tend to go for a shared hosting service because of the lower price point. However, a poor choice of domain hosting service can have lasting repercussions in the form of losing the customer base because of a non-responsive website. Thus, it is important to pick the right plan with the right features.
  • Security must be a priority: Security is of paramount importance, especially when your consumers share sensitive, personal information with you and carry out financial transactions on your portal. Before you opt for a particular hosting service, do ensure that they are providing secure socket layers to protect your consumers’ data. In addition to this, you may also look for safety features such as email throttling, web application firewall, malware protection, DDOS protection, and more. This must be non-negotiable and should come as a package feature.
  • Beware of freebies: It may sound interesting and tempting, but “free web hosting services” are never a good idea. Simply because they will never pay attention to details or put in the effort to give you an exemplary performance. Most of the time, they are just interested in making money off you by placing unsolicited ads on your website hassling your consumers. It is best to pay upfront and get quality service instead.

Spend some time browsing the internet reading through expert reviews and customer reviews of various domain hosting services. Choose a service provider who has a 24 X 7 customer support and has an expertise in handling any query raised by you. Follow these points to find the right service for your website.

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