Top 4 website trends in 2020


The purpose of web design is to create a site that is easily navigated by the users. User experience is of the utmost importance. Trends are forecasted for optimized user experience, and the tops trends followed by the best website design Singapore agencies for 2020 include:

Minimalism + White Space: A timeless trend, this trend while popular, continues to evolve. In 2020,large areas of white empty space marks minimalism.

“Dark-Mode” Design: With the increased popularity of dark mode on phones and apps, websites are creating designs for the dark aesthetic. These designs work as dark mode interfaces complement bright colours creating eye-catching and easily readable layout.

Imperfections: Hand drawn design elements and slight imperfections inject emotion to a design. After years of perfect graphics dominating the web design world, users are now attracted to the minor imperfections making things like hand-drawn icons, handwriting fonts etc. a big trend for the year.

Massive Fonts: A typography based trend, it is hard to overlook the increasing font sizes everywhere on the web. Larger than life fonts, taking up half or more of the viewport is an emerging trend that will become even bigger in 2020.

From large typography to hand made element, 2020 is an excellent year to experiment for designers and design fans.

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