Tips to Generate Ideas for your Next Blog Post


No matter how appealing your blog is, it is ultimately the blog content that decides your social traction. If your content is well researched and scholarly but do not cater to your reader’s interests, your blog is a failure. Here are a few tips to ensure that your content is timely and has a potential to go viral.

1. Google Analytics

Analytics should be your first task on improving blog content. Google Analytics provides some strong insight into your blog and your audience. One simple way to see how your audience is reacting to your content is to go to: Dashboard > Behavior > Behavior Flow > Site Content > All Pages.

Now, look at the top 50 pages. Compare the average time spent on each page and the bounce rate. If you notice that some pages hold your audience longer than others, this is what your audience is most interested in.

2. Keep track of what is popular on the web

Be updated on what is trending on the web and also a regular check on all popular social media. If it is a non- text content, convert it into a write up and add your own thoughts to it. iTunes would be a good platform to check on popular podcasts. Go to the category related to your niche and see what ranks highest with listeners. Go to iTunes Store> Podcast> Search. Now, think about whether you can turn this topic into a blog post. If you can, then do so. Slide share is also a good portal to gather ideas and supporting media for your blogs.

3. Quora

It is one of the best places to check out not only for interesting answers but also for gripping questions. The Q&A website is a great platform to read and to learn from others. Quora is easy to use because the focus is simply reading through questions and the answers. The community has always surprised readers not only with their level of expertise but their enthusiasm for a given topic.

4. What’s new on Twitter?

Not all topics that trend on twitter might be of relevance to your blog content, but try conjoining two subjects which might find meaning together. Look out for hashtags# that most probably set out the burning issues over the social media. Applications like Ritetag and help users identify trending hashtags and track trends related to the topic. Trendsmap shows you the latest trends on Twitter based on your geographic location. This can be particularly beneficial to small businesses that want to target customers in their area.

These ideas will surely generate content for your blogs for quite a while. Narrow down your research if your blogs aim at a particular niche. Obvious to the fact that internet helps one to keep track of information, be a vivacious reader because nothing like reading can help you be in the right track of course with a tinge of your creativity.

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