The perfect Buy Here Pay Here Software


If you are looking for a tool that can make streamline the loan management process, a tool that can speed up all the processes improving the dealer and lender relations. Then AutoPal Software’s loan/lease origination tool is the solution for you.

The AutoPal Buy Here Pay Here Software helps by making the creation of forms, loan contracts easy. The software uses variables to use the contract at once followed up by its printing with all the necessary information included in it. AutoPal is the perfect solution for buy-here-pay-here. The software was initially made to solve the loaning issues that BHPH companies generally come across. The AutoPal buy-here-pay-here software can be used to create loans, service loans, take payments, run collections, and close loans with absolute level of functionality as well as flexibility.

Here Pay Here Software

The following table has the various features that the software offers to its customers are as follows:

§ Customizable end-user website § Credit Bureau Pulling
§ Fully-integrated Online Application § Standards and Scoring
§ Two-way Application Review § Customizable Checklist
§ Auto Approval § Automatic Loan/Lease Creation
§ Dealer Document Upload § Document Creation
§ Dealer Application Account § Preconfigured Loan Templates
§ Guided Loan Setup  

AutoPal buy-here-pay-here software makes it easier for you to remain in regular touch with your borrowers. The system automatically sends out email notifications as and when the events occur on your accounts. In addition to that one can also print a custom receipt for the borrowers who bring payments straightaway to you.

The AutoPal software offers a wide range of alternatives for making the automatic payments including handling of a payment on a particular rate, every time there is a payment due by the borrower, be it a single payment or multiple payment. You can also set the AutoPal software to carry out the three payment methods till five days for receiving the borrower payments.

If in any case a payment gets returned you can setup your company so that AutoPal buy-here-pay-here software will automatically reverse payments, charge an nominal pay and send notice to you and your borrower about the reversal.

One can easily manage online access for their borrowers and get 24 hour access to their respective loan information. With AutoPal software managing a ‘buy here pay here’ company has never been this easier.

For further more information about this particular ‘buy here pay here’ AutoPal software visit the website of AutoPal and explore more right today!

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