Coolest things that your iPhone can do – Knowing more about your smartphone


In spite of the fact that millions of people own an iPhone, there are very few who are aware of what exactly their iPhones are able to do. Having an iPhone has become a craze these days and hence the updated versions of this Apple wonder is gradually gaining momentum. If you’re an owner of an iPhone, are you aware of the coolest and amazing things that your phone can do? Perhaps not! You might be aware of just a few of the features which your phone has and you must not have ever wondered about checking the other features. Although you must have heard about a few of these, several of them might just come to you as a surprise. Check out what cool features your iPhone has.

  • It tracks each and every location where you’ve been: Yes, you’ve seen it right! Your iPhone has till now tracked each and every location to where you’ve been since you’ve started using it and activating it. If you wish to see how creepy your phone is, you can go to ‘settings, privacy, location services, system services and then click on the frequent locations’ options. You’ll be rather surprised to see an entire history of each of the places where you’ve been.
  • It is more customizable than you may think: Do you own an iPhone 4S but you’re simply tired of the stutters which are caused by iOS7? If answered yes, you should go to settings, general, accessibility and then turn on the “reduce transparency” option which is there under “increase contrast”. You should also turn off the “reduce motion”. Now you will see that your iPhone is running pretty well as it used to under iOS6 by making all the upgrades with the software of 7!
  • It works even without a power button: What will happen if your power button suddenly breaks into pieces? How will you be able to disconnect calls, lock screen or switch off your phone? You need not fret as you can go to settings, general, accessibility and turn the “Assistive Touch”. After activating this, there will be a small icon that will be projected on screen and it will allow you to lock the phone screen without the requirement of a physical button. You can also use this to turn off your phone.
  • Battery lasts for a long time on airplane mode: Have you been thinking that the airplane mode is only for the time when you’re traveling on an airplane? Use this mode when you require saving battery as you can get lot more life from a single charge. When you use the airplane mode, you will also see your phone charge faster.

Hence you’ve been wondering about discovering cool news about your iPhone, you should take into account the above mentioned points. Try them out and see whether or not they work on your latest iPhone.

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