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Do you ever wonder how identity theft can occurs? You may think that is done all electronically, hacking into servers and accounts, to steal valuable information. Though it is one means to accomplish that task, it is not how people primarily acquire stolen information. In fact, information is stolen more often by physical means, then by electronic. How can that be? It is really quite simple to see, if you own a business. How much files do you have on clients and employees?  Probably more than you thought you had and who has accesses to these files?

Not to imply that an employee has any hand in this type of activity, it is just things you need to consider. Just like how to handle the destruction of these files of personal information. Even though electronic systems are becoming more prevalent, physical backups are still normal, because if something happens to the system, all information is still preserved. But, what happens when your storage facility becomes over crowded, with outdated forms or documents?

It would be safe to say that you would need to get rid of some, in order to make room for the new. This is where most documents become compromised, if miss handled. Most people would just throw it all away in the dumpster. Which any passerby can look through and take what they want. So, besides this reason alone, it is also illegal to do so. It is a federal law that you must destroy all this information to safeguard people’s information.

Now that beckons the question, how do you accomplish this? One of the options that you have at your disposal is finding a company for document shedding in Houston. Data shredding services, is a Houston based company that specializes in shredding documents. Handling jobs of varying sizes and workloads. You can even hire them to come to your business and shred your documents on site if you desire. Equipped with a mobile shredder that is carried on a truck, you don’t have to concern yourself, with having your documents taken off site to be destroyed. Now, for whatever reason cannot have the service done at your establishment, DSS can take away and destroy the documents off site. Any document that is to be taken offsite, will be transported in a lock box, within one of their secured vehicles. Once every document has been destroyed, you will receive a document for your records, indicating that the job has been completed.

If you are a business that handles an excess amount of forms or sensitive paper work, you can have scheduled pickups. With each location being given a lock box for employees to deposit any document that needs shredding.

Having trouble with overcrowded file rooms can cause many issues, from improper storage to misplacing sensitive information. But with DSS you can get the help you need to mitigate the problem. Providing on and off site shredding, with continual service options available. All you need to do is look.

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