Marketing Fundamentals in the Digital Age


In the Digital Age, the rules of marketing have shifted considerably. And whilst the fundamentals are still largely the same, the way that we implement our marketing goals has certainly changed. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at those changes with the hopes of establishing a higher level of mastery in the age of digital marketing.

rules of marketing

In order to establish a better understanding of how marketing works in the Digital Age, we’re going to look at a few of the leading trends and areas of focus that are driving new developments. As you’ll see, the goals of marketing remain the same – but the way that we accomplish them has changed dramatically.

What Are the Core Tactics of Digital Marketing?

There are several different prongs to an effective online marketing campaign. In the space below, we’ll go over a few of them:

Tactics of Digital Marketing

  • Search Marketing
    The vast majority of consumers use a search engine to find the products and services that they are looking for. Proper search engine optimisation through a reputable SEO agency in London (or elsewhere, depending upon where you are located), will ensure that the people who are trying to find products and services like yours on the Internet will be able to network their way to your website. This dramatically improves your site’s chances of success.
  • Brand Identification
    This is an example of a marketing principle that has been around for ages, but has recently taken on new levels of importance. Today’s marketers are publishing more content than ever before, and this is creating difficulty in terms of ensuring that all of said content is properly branded and speaking with the same voice. In order to counter this, it may become necessary to create guidelines for all content created on your company’s behalf. A tone of voice document or simple editorial guidelines can help.

Marketing  Brand Identification

  • Social Media Outreach
    Reaching out to potential customers on social media presents marketers with both a goldmine and a veritable quandary. It’s difficult to determine exactly how to approach social media marketing, if only because this is a relatively new (and fickle) market. To be successful on social media, you have to prioritise engagement. This means responding to posts and comments, asking questions where appropriate and otherwise reaching out to those who may be of interest to your brand.
  • Content Optimisation
    Optimising content is all about creating valuable – even sought-after – content that readers will gravitate to on their own. If it’s engaging enough, they may even share it on their own social media platforms. Well-optimised content is something of a magic elixir in the world of digital marketing, as it urges potential customers to take your marketing messages and distribute them even further.

Marketing  Content Optimisation

We’ve listed the above to give you an idea as to how to expand your online marketing strategy. However, there is certainly no substitute for finding a reputable SEO agency to assist in this matter. They’ll be able to help with everything from optimising content and searches to enhancing your social media outreach.

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