Killer Strategies of Link Building for Marketing


Every business, no matter the size, wants to dominate the digital marketing world. It means being the owner of the coveted top spot on SERPs. While SEO techniques and strategies continue to evolve with every passing day, one essential aspect of SEO remains unchanged since the Google search engine launch in 1998. Webpage content and the links that lead back to it are two signals Google’s algorithm sees when deciding your website’s position on its search result page. But. The thing is, Link building is complex if you don’t know what you are doing.

It will be difficult for you to acquire backlinks from authoritative, credible websites. Especially within your target industry if your online content does not provide readers with helpful information. A backlink is the equivalent of an academic citation, no wonder it is hard to acquire them. That said, it is not impossible to obtain these links.

For instance, one way to acquire backlinks is by offering these services and products to people who run authoritative websites at discounted rates. In return, you can ask them to link their content to your website. For example, suppose you have a product or service that serves university staff or students. In that case, you can reach out to universities and ask them to list these specific products on their website. Many of them will agree to list your products and services if you offer discounts and deals for faculty members and students.

Keep reading this article to learn classic and out-of-the-box link-building strategies that will surely work like a charm and improve your digital marketing efforts.

  1. The Broken Link Strategy

If a website from the same niche as yours decides to move to a different URL, you can take swift action and earn a few links. However, you can only do that if your website is a worthy replacement. Suppose you can find a few websites with multiple broken links and relevant content. In that case, you can reach out to the domain owner via email. These domain owners will likely give you the links as a token of appreciation for showing interest in them. It will help you in your marketing efforts.

  1. Write Testimonials

A quick and easy way of acquiring a backlink is by leaving a testimonial of another company’s website. These companies love it when customers write positive testimonials bout their services and products. It is their way of gaining their target audience’s trust and loyalty. After all, there is nothing more honest than a customer’s feedback.

Then why not leave positive customer testimonials on a website that caters to the same niche as yours and ask for links in return? As long as your testimonial is credible and honest, the company will not hesitate to give you a mention on their website through a backlink.

  1. Reclaim Links

Such a strategy is not complicated at all. Finding online mentions is already simple, and checking if there is a link attached to it only requires one more step. This extra step involves setting up Google Alerts. It will allow you to track mentions across the entire world wide web.

Google Alerts are pretty straightforward to set up. You only have to enter phrases that you want to track, and that’s about it. You’ll receive alerts on your given email address whenever a website mentions the word or phrase you wish to track. Once you find these mentions, you can contact the domain owner by sending an outreach email, asking them to link the mentioned phrase back to your website. It will also help you in your marketing efforts.

  1. Create Roundup Posts

Creating roundup posts will take lots of effort and time, but your efforts will pay off in the end. First, find suitable keywords and share them with people who can contribute to your content. Send them messages directly, post on Facebook groups, or email them. It is up to you entirely. It is also helpful in your marketing campaign.

The best thing about writing a roundup post is that it will pretty much write itself. After all, multiple experts from your niche will be adding input to your content, and who wouldn’t want to read such a piece, right? Plus, people who participated in your roundup posts will share them more often.

  1. Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is a traditional link-building technique that is helpful in the marketing campaign. But, the thing is, it works like a charm. And there are numerous reasons why marketers still use this technique:

  • If your pitch has value and the blogger accepts it, you’re guaranteed a mention.
  • You’ll be able to incorporate that link into your website content.
  • If your guest post is relevant and provides value to the reader, it could drive more traffic to your website.
  1. Trade Products For Reviews

If you believe that links are precious for you, why not offer your products and services to influential people for free. It will be a symbiotic relationship between them and your brand. Suppose you aren’t stingy about trading your products with influential bloggers. In that case, it is a perfect idea to ask for a positive review with a link in return.

  1. Use Reverse Image Search To Find Stolen Images

Websites that steal images from other websites are only looking to spam users. These websites are the ones whose backlinks you would want to avoid at all costs. That said, there are plenty of reputable websites that steal images without linking back to the source.

You can get mad at them for stealing your images, or you can ask them politely to link back to your website. And we prefer that you go for the latter. There are tons of freeware online tools that allow you to find these stolen images. It is time you took advantage of them and earn some well-deserved backlinks.


There are thousands of link building in circulation on the internet, and you will have to do some trial and error to know which ones will work for you. Some might be a total flop, while some might work wonders for your marketing efforts. In the end, you have to be creative, helpful, patient, and generous. After all, to get links from credible sources, you have to provide them with something in return, be it a quality guest article or a free product.  For more information please visit WOW Internet deals

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