How To Use private note?


Do you ever want to just get done with sending the private messages in a difficult way? Private note is the solution. How? Use private note to contain all the confidential details and this is only read by the receiver only once and after that, it disappears.

All of us have information that is very private and of course, we have someone with whom we want to share all this information. We have our reservations when we have to share such information online but with private note, we can relax and have security that it will be delivered without any problem or unsecured access. It has to be the most secure one and it should be the appropriate answer to your concern and questions.

About it

This private note is a way that you can convey securely your message without any breach and privnote is the best website that stores your privacy and yet helps you with your delivery of messages. You send it and you know that everything is done and that now you can relax. It is one of the safest ways to convey your message over the internet and the self-destruction o the mail happens itself

What Will It Cost Me?

Nothing. It is absolutely free and you can use it anytime when you want to.

Send Self-Destructing For Good

A lot of hackers are always on the watch of searching for eligible prey and from whom they can take away all the information and misuse them and also cause you some huge losses and this leads to a huge amount of loss for you and your personal information.

You have to be sure of your private note and send it across accordingly. Do you want to send your passwords and logins? Use private note. Do you want to convey some secret message? Use private note.

Now you know where your information is safe and accordingly make the best use of this website. This is very easy to use and is very safe and you have easy access to creating notes which can be sent to anyone you wish to. You do not at all need to have any sort of registration and just start typing immediately. As you are done just share the generated link.

The private note has a lot of ways in which you can easily share the information that you have written the private note. You know that the notes get destroyed once read but you don’t know that if left unread for more than 30 days, they get destroyed themselves so you know that you are not forever at risk of such messages. They are typically used for confidential information, any sort of passwords, and other such information which might be very sensitive and that might cause harm if go to any other place than just the receiver.

Now, go to the website and start using it, you will see that it is simple and very effective for the purpose is served well.

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