How to Take the Best Selfies


Selfies have grown to possibly become the most popular style of photo anywhere on the Internet. Selfies are popular for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that you don’t have to ask anyone for help. You can take photos of yourself without bothering other people wherever you are. Also, you can take a photo with a group of people that includes everyone. There is no more trying to time the photo to run in front of the camera or having to take multiple photos in which one person is going to be missing. With a selfie, you can capture everyone including yourself. However, there are some drawbacks to a selfie. For one, there are limits to how far away you can get your arm to take a wide-angle shot. Also, it is sometimes difficult to properly line up a selfie.

Front-Facing Camera

The first selfies came about before the front-facing camera. People had to guess where they were going to be in the photos because all of the cameras faced away from the back of the phone. As they became more popular, the front-facing camera was introduced. It was met with popular acclaim but there was still a problem. Front-facing cameras had much lower quality than the back-facing cameras. If you wanted to take a well-framed selfie, you had to use the front camera, but if you wanted to take a high-quality photo, you had to use the back camera. That’s why the F1S Selfie Expert is so great. It has features designed to make the front-facing camera work better.

The Features

The most important feature for a camera is the lens. The chip that processes the photos can actually be the same for the front-facing and rear-facing camera. You need a lens that is going to provide clear high-quality photos. With a phone designed for selfies, you will get a quality lens that is made of the highest-quality glass. Furthermore, you need a lens that has a wide angle. If you want to get you and all of your friends into the photo, you need a wide angle that can capture everyone. A wide angle has drawbacks; namely, wide angle lenses tend to have poorer photo quality around the edges. The edge focus gets soft. That’s not the case with a quality phone designed for selfies. It will have glass that is ground to perfection from edge to edge.

The Lighting

Lighting is very important to taking a good photo. That’s another reason that the lens is so important. The lens determines how much light can get into your camera to expose your photo. If you have a lens with a low f-stop, it will allow a lot of light in. The lower the number on your camera, the more light it will allow. An f/2.0 is virtually unheard of for front-facing cameras but that is one of the lowest stops and would allow you to take even low-light selfies.

These are some of the most important features for a selfie phone.

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