Hosted Exchange Server It is a Worthwhile Investment


If you are to decide on the right kind of exchange server for your company, you will need to take into account many factors. The most essential one is your business’ size. How many employees does your company have? If you have over fifty people, then go for a local exchange server. Chances are that you have lots of space to have an in-house server. Below are the benefits of hosted exchange servers for a small business.

Initial Cost

Setting up a hosted exchange server involves minimal cost. You don’t have to purchase any hardware. All services that your business needs such as hardware redundancy, managed support and data redundancy are factored into the low support package that covers every user every month, making user that everybody in your network is provided with what they need.


Predictable Budget

Depending on hosted exchange by a reputable hosting provider ensures that you don’t get charged with hidden fees. You want to be sure that you will not be caught off-guard in terms of paying your bills. Any maintenance or upgrade which must be done on the physical hardware which supports the exchange servers will be taken care of by the provider without asking you to p ay for hardware replacement or upgrades.

Physical Space

Having a local exchange server requires you to have a room to store hardware. In general, a small business cannot accommodate this. With a hosted exchange server, you save yourself from the worry about the hardware that will store your data as it is kept out of your hair or off-premise.


Redundancy and Security

Your hosting provider will monitor the servers which store your data round the clock for sure protection. Also, your data may be protected by a cloud-based email continuity service. Thus, the service automatically gets email once an outage is detected in order to preserve data regardless of what is going on the real world.

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