Use Movavi Video Converter to Transform WMV to MP4


WMV is a Microsoft’s proprietary digital video container format. This fact often leads to complications when it comes to playing such files on some devices – they simply won’t open.

One of the solutions to this problem is converting WMV to MP4 – a more “friendly” format. It is supported by a wide range of programs and devices and it takes up less space as well.

You can do this in Movavi Video Converter – it is a piece of software that easily deals with changing formats – any formats. Plus, it lets you perform some basic editing and quality enhancing operations. Let’s have a closer look at its functions.

Preliminary editing

You can edit your files before converting them, that is, enhance their quality, transform the composition, manage subtitles and add watermarks. Let’s go through the tabs one by one.

  • Stabilization

This is the first tool aimed at improving your videos. If you don’t use a tripod, there may be annoying camera shake in your video. Here you can get rid of this unpleasant effect by adjusting the accuracy, radius, and smoothness of the stabilization.

  • Audio

In this tab you can adjust the audio track: set the necessary volume, normalize the sound and remove background noise.

  • Adjustments

The second tool for video (and image) enhancing. Move the sliders manually (contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation) or apply automatic filters: contrast, white balance, and magic enhance. There is also a noise removal tool that can make images and videos less grainy.

  • Subtitles

Here you can add and manage subtitles – even multiple files. So, you can embed your own subtitles or manage the existing ones: synchronize with video, place them anywhere you want, and switch between languages.

  • Watermark

In order to protect your ownership of the video, you can add a text or image watermark. You can adjust the font, color of letters and outline, and the transparency on the caption so it doesn’t interfere with the picture.

  • Crop

Use the crop frame to cut away the edges – the part that you’ve selected can fit one of the presets of aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, 3:2), or your own parameters.

  • Rotate

Does someone like to record videos holding their phone vertically? Well, this is where the rotating tool comes in. Rotate the video clockwise or counterclockwise, flip it horizontally or vertically until you’re satisfied with the result.

  • Trim

If the video is too long and contains a lot of footage you don’t need, you can get rid of unnecessary fragments. Precisely trim the track from both ends or delete parts from the middle – this way, you can convert only the footage you really need.

High-speed conversion

However, the main function of the program is converting your files, not editing them. Movavi Video Converter works with 180+ formats (besides WMV and MP4), so you can easily upload and convert any multimedia files: video, audio, and images. You can even create your own conversion profile by choosing the format and adjusting the settings: codec, frame size, resize method and quality, bitrate type, and frame rate.

MP4 compresses files, so the output file size can be significantly smaller. This depends on the video resolution as well. If you choose a higher resolution, the size will be bigger too. Changing the bitrate will also result in reducing or increasing the file size.

Take notice, that in Video Converter you can encode MP4 files in MPEG-4 and H.264. Our WMV file stores data in MPEG-4, so for the conversion to be faster you can choose the same codec as in the input. In this case one of the available acceleration technologies will be activated: Intel HD Graphics, NVIDIA CUDA or NVENC. Plus, there is the SuperSpeed mode enabled by default, that provides lossless conversion (if you don’t change the codec and the bitrate of your files).

So, generally speaking, with the help of Movavi Video Converter, you can easily and in no time convert your files between any formats: WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI; MP3, FLAC, OGG, and many many others.

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