Freelancing or Web Agency? Which is Better for a Web Project?


The first decision to be made is to hire a freelancer or a web agency. It may not be a straightforward process, but there are many things you can evaluate to solve your issues. Both parties have highly skilled people, may deliver you the top quality products, but the approaches, nature of project, size and objective, time to be dedicated etc. are all factors that make both approaches different.

Project approach

Every successful project begins with laying a solid base. What you want from the final product must be determined right from the very start. In this situation, the progress of the project should be in the right direction and speed so as to keep the disappointment at bay and of course, time and money wastage should be avoided. But, ascertaining how a web product should perform to attain your final objective is tricky for many and the way in which a freelancer or web agency can support you also varies.

For instance, when you hire an agency, they analyze your business models, main objectives and your potential future development. This needs a lot of brainstorming by a team of specialists that will determine what kind of product is ideally delivered for your business and achieve the expected results.

When you hire a freelancer, you have to define all the project details. They may contribute some of their ideas but may not have a support team to brainstorm together. They will depend on your directives solely. Hence, you need to have a clear picture on what you want or you may have to adjust with the delay of production process which will add more to the costs.


Both web agency and freelancers will deliver the top quality product with their skills. But a freelancer is good at one area but a web agency is skilled in many fields. For instance, if you need a presentation website for your company, then either of them can handle this for you. But when it comes to handling the apps, you may not be able to find a freelancer who is skilled for handling every project phase. So, when it comes to handling large projects, a web agency is better. You may not find a freelancer who has all the expertise needed to handle each phase of your project. So, if the project involves, building a smile ecommerce website to have an effective web design, an app etc. web agencies can handle it all. This is how you make the most of having a skilled team rather than having many freelancers to work on your project independently.

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