Cybercraft Helps You Reduce Cost of Building Web Development Teams


Escalating costs of staffing and administration remain a matter of concern for businesses, specially for startups and firms in the IT sector. With CyberCraft, you can get rid of the wide-ranging recruitment and retention expenses but without any compromises on productivity. Based in Ukraine, CyberCraft offers support for clients in EU and beyond. They can get a remote dedicated development team onboard, as a part of your company for specific requirements.

Knowing the power of CyberCraft

CyberCraft offers comprehensive support for clients for IT recruitment and team development needs. You get an offshore team of developers, who work for your company and are aligned with the project requirements. In return, you just need to pay for a fixed and final invoice, which includes salaries and the fee for CyberCraft. Here’s what you can expect of them.

  • Assured staffing solutions. CyberCraft prefers knowing the client in detail, so as to understand their requirements and expectations better. They take care of the entire staffing process – including initial research, shortlisting of candidates, recruitment, and retention. They also work extensively on evaluation and development.
  • Once your team is ready, CyberCraft will also offer the require infrastructure, which includes a fully-equipped office space, technical infrastructure and setup, as well as system administration assistance.
  • CyberCraft also takes care of the ground work related to management of your team. From employee registration and administration, to legal aspects, taxes, payroll, sick leaves and other things, they will take care of each step.

Finally, CyberCraft also specializes in consulting. They can help with cooperation planning and will ensure that the integration of the new team is done seamlessly to match your business model. In case of a hiccup, they will take care of the stags and ensure that your in-house and offshore team works in cooperation, as needed.

Why CyberCraft?

CyberCraft has the experience and expertise, and they know what it takes to manage offshore teams. They are also well-versed to the developing technologies and can offer assistance for other aspects, such as management of employee performance. Since you are just paying a final price, you can reduce costs up to 60%, and CyberCraft has managed to do that practically for many clients. They are based in Ukraine, which offers geographical advantage to many clients in the EU.

If you need to know more on their services, please refer to their website and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions to get the ball rolling.

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