Broadband packages: Which one is right for me?


Broadband Internet has become a word we all understand today. Technically the definition of Broadband Internet is wide bandwidth data transmission with an ability to simultaneously transport multiple signals and traffic types. The medium used can be coaxial cable, optical fibre, radio or twisted pair. Broadband was the second-generation Internet connection, which grew from the traditional dial up access, which required a modem connected to your landline telephone. In simple terms, the word Broadband implies a wider bandwidth over which data can be transmitted. As an example, a very narrow band could carry a Morse signal, while a wider band would allow for voice transmission, yet wider bands can carry audio and video, and even broader bands can accommodate multiple users, all transmitting high levels of date simultaneously. In short,High-speed internet is basically what we are talking about.

Broadband packages right

With so many broadband packages available to us now, it seems a daunting task to select the one that is right for us.Let’s look at a few of the packages on offer,

Broadband and Phone

This package gives you unlimited fiber-optic broadband, with speeds of up 100Mb.

Here are some of the features,

  • Unlimited superfast broadband
  • Download movies, songs, and games in seconds
  • Free parental controls
  • Free Wi-Fi modem installation
  • Connect to multiple devices
  • Unlimited landline calls to Irish landlines and mobiles

Unlimited landline calls

This bundle is subject to an 18-month contract.

TV, Broadband and Phone

This bundle offers all of the above plus the extra 55 top TV channels with pause, rewind and record functions, giving you a wide viewing choice of top programs. This is definitely one of the better broadband bundles on the market, with so much to choose from, for the ultimate broadband experience.

TV Broadband Phone

Mobile, phone and broadband

This bundle incorporates mobile phone usage and apart from the above features, there are also

  • Free mobile minutes
  • 4G as standard
  • Free EU roaming with calls and texts
  • Unlimited mobile to mobile

This bundle is subject to an 18-month contract.

Mobilephone and broadband

Mobile + SIM, TV experience and broadband

This bundle offers all of the above plus,

  • Unlimited mobile or landline calls to Irish landlines and mobiles
  • 84 TV channels
  • All calls and text can be used in EU

This bundle is subject to a 24-month contract

Mobile SIMTV experience

Something for everyone

With these great bundles available, there will be something to suit everyone, By using the best provider in Ireland, you can rest assured you will receive the best service with no outages. The Internet is vital to us all, and a fast broadband connection really gives you everything you need to stay ahead of the game. For business users, these bundles are really attractive, as they allow a wide range of services that will improve your company’s web presence. By going broadband, you really open up all the possibilities for your business, with high speed connectivity 24/7, something that every forward thinking business needs.

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