A New Method to Buying Homes Online


Anyone looking to make the investment of buying a new home knows that it is a lot of work to find a home and work with a Realtor to get a good price on it. Realtors are expensive, as they usually take a commission of 2.5% from the total buying price. On a $2 million home that would result in you paying them $50,000! You could buy a brand new car and renovations for that kind of money. Imagine if instead of paying an agent $50,000 for a $2 million home you only paid $5000. You would save $45,000! Too bad that you can’t do that, right?

Well, if you live in Ontario, Canada then you’re in luck. Insta Offer is a new method of purchasing homes that allows you to work with real estate agents to negotiate a contract on a home for only $5000. Even if the house costs $5 million you’ll still only pay $5000. The way it works is you find a home online and check it out in person, and if you like it you can make an offer for it directly on InstaOffer’s website. All you have to do is type in the MLS number and you’re good to go!

The agents at Insta Offer will work with you to negotiate an offer on your behalf and make sure it gets accepted. They will guide you through the entire buying process and answer any questions that you have. They’ll make sure that the contract you’re signing is fair and that you aren’t getting screwed. If you are buying a home without an agent then you may get taken advantage of buy the selling agent through fine print in a contract. It’s important that a real estate professional reads a contract over with you before you sign it.

Buying a home with a Realtor certainly has its advantages. They help you find the ideal home instead of doing it yourself and they will likely be a bit more engaged with getting the best offer on it – but think about if it is worth the amount of money you could save. The more expensive the home you want to buy, the better the reason use.

A real estate agent may be worth it if you are only buying a Insta Offer home that costs $200,000 or so, but anything over that in Ontario and you should definitely consider buying your home online with InstaOffer and saving yourself a lot of money. There are other websites out there that offer flat fee buying but they aren’t the same. With InstaOffer you are getting to work personally with an agent who will help you with any questions you have.

It’s nice to have someone on your side when purchasing a home, and trying to do it completely alone can be risky and stressful. Try out this new method of home buying if you live in the Greater Toronto Area and you’ll have money for a vacation – no problem!

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