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The Microsoft Dynamics ERP you have in your system installed helps you in working smarter. Utilizing the best features built into Order Valium Online Canada, you can manage daily tasks with ease with no need to shift in and out of various applications. Data is easily shareable, time-saving, and provides assured accuracy. However, many companies have requirements beyond the ordinary, and that’s where Dynamics 365 comes to the rescue. There are many third-party apps available and it also provides the easiest customization ever. Read on for a few instances on how to get the best of the Dynamics 365:

  1. Excel

By using the Excel templates, your team can easily automate core processes like computing commissions or managing the forecasts. With no changes in the application, Dynamics 365 can use the data in Excel to perform in-system analyses.

  1. Outlook

By integrating Outlook, your team can easily add contacts from incoming emails and track those emails with the help of your laptop, tablet, or phone. You can easily create new records, view contextual data, and match it up with customer data related to senders, sales activities, cases, and opportunities.

  1. SharePoint and OneDrive

Within Dynamics 365, your team will be able to access Microsoft Office apps like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office 365 groups. Many devices like Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad and Microsoft Word for iPhone can be easily used to access documents, and a simple click on the back button can take you back to the CRM app.

  1. Cortana

By integrating with Cortana, you can use predictive analyses to bring to the surface what is most relevant at any given time, no matter if it is a personal or a professional source.

  1. Power BI

It helps in analyzing customer information like sales, pipeline, and forecasts and use self-serve analytics to manage your team’s activities.

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