3 Benefits when using the Android app for parental control

Is your child using his smartphone all the time? Are you worried that you are in the dark about your children’s online activities? Do not worry, most parents are. In truth, 7 out of 10 teens hide their online activities from their parents. But did you know that you have the ability to figure out exactly what your children do with their smartphones and tablets? That is right, you – as parents – can be technologically as far as your child. And to be honest, probably you are. It has simply never occurred to you that you can use the technology to your advantage when it comes to education.

In short, here are 3 great benefits for you if you decide to use this Android app for parental control ultimately:

  1. You have a direct wire to your children

The first thing XNSPY allows is a direct link to your kids. You do not have to call you, again and again, to determine where they are. They do not have to stand behind them and look over their shoulders as they surf on their tablets. And certainly, you do not have to snoop on their smartphones when they write to their friends. All you need to do is install the app to parental control on their devices and you will then receive live updates on all your children’s activities. They are connected to them via the web portal and – most importantly, they are always informed.

  1. They have a “remote” for their devices

Another great advantage – They can control their devices remotely. You heard correctly. With our online control, you have a “remote control”. This means that you can send wireless commands to the devices of your kids. Because the app synchronizes the online account with the device, the commands work at all times. You can record a telephone conversation while it is taking place. You can even record live sounds. You can delete the memory of a phone with one click. 9app is one the safest app on the Android.

  1. You can lock your devices

You can even lock their devices whenever they want and the kids cannot unlock it because you have the “key”. Do you know if your kids simply ignore their house arrest and play around on their phones, even though they should be in bed long? Or if they should learn for this important test, which takes place the next morning, but they are too busy with Snapchat? These are the moments when you can easily lock your phones by remote control. Sure, this is a devilish plan, but sometimes the parents have to make the rules and strictly adhere to the rules. A strong hand helps to teach discipline to the kids and educate them.

You can look forward to many things when you start using the app for parental control. Check out our list of features and find out what else you can do with it. There are really great times for parents.

9app is one of the most useful and safest apps on the Android today.

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