Why You Should Not Be A Control Freak As An Entrepreneur


People embark on an entrepreneurial career because they know they have what it takes. This does not owe to the fact that they have the right business qualifications, but more a knack in knowing they can be successful if given the opportunity to run their own business. For example, you might have a wonderful idea and drive to get things done, but it doesn’t mean you know how to stop error prone spreadsheets from bringing your business tumbling down. Entrepreneurship ideas are plenty, but do you have what it takes to be in for the long haul and the often, understated hardship and the difficulties in managing a team? Finding something that you have a passion for and turning that into a way that can create a lifestyle for yourself and your family is an attractive goal, especially when that idea has no limits.

Solving a problem, bridging a gap and generating an abundance of financial freedom is the main objective and therefore, it’s not unlikely for new entrepreneurs to feel that everything rests on their shoulders including the actions of their team. This can undoubtedly be the start of a character that you would not normally possess, that of a person who needs to be in control by overseeing the day to day activities of every department and every person within your company. With right business and entrepreneurship ideas, at times, this could be necessary but overall, it’s more beneficial channelling your energy on building a strong team of a few employees that can take responsibility of maintaining a smooth workflow and handling the rest of the staff. By having regular meetings with your immediate team and harnessing your entrepreneurship ideas will keep you in the picture of what’s happening and what’s going wrong with the everyday workings of the business as a whole.

This may take an hour of your time in your busy schedule, but it will be more valuable than trying to witness and manage everything yourself. In return, you will have the time to concentrate on expansion or moving your business forward in the marketplace instead of feeling dragged down by overlooking every movement of your staff. Some may feel by delegating you are letting your guard down and thus, this is the shortfall of a successful entrepreneur from the next, but this is not the case. Do you think as your business grows larger and your entrepreneurship ideas expand that you will be able to maintain the same level of control without feeling the strain? Additionally, this will cause a depletion of quality time for yourself to lead the company in the right direction and to ensure your vision is brought to fruition.

This is how many entrepreneurs give up, because they lose that control and that feeling of being the most important person in the company. Let go, put trust in your team and if they screw up, let them in the beginning until they learn to live by your way of doing things. Not everyone has the same entrepreneurship ideas or vision as you, therefore, it is your role to mould your team into the ethos of your business and the way in which you want your business to be experienced by your customers without being over controlling. Be approachable, because if people are nervous to come to you with a work problem then it will never get solved. Your personality and aura is what will drive your staff and the company to be as successful as you first envisioned it at the very start of your venture.

Remember, a perfectionist is different from a control freak. Are you controlling as an entrepreneur? Tell us your story.

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