Why WordPress is good for SEO?


WordPress can be accounted for as one of the most popular and highly used content management systems in the present world. Despite the many alternatives that have come forward for content management, WordPress still retains its popularity alongside the increasing recognition of WordPress as a tool for building e-commerce websites.

Almost 30% of the websites on the internet presently are built using WordPress, and this shows a clear validation for the popularity of WordPress. However, every website needs the traffic to sustain in this competitive digital landscape, and the most efficient route that can be followed in this case is SEO. So, what exactly is the relationship between WordPress and SEO? Let us dive into the following discussion to find out how WordPress and SEO work well together by reflecting on the causing factors.

Lots of themes and responsiveness work in favor of WordPress

The first thing that works well with the relationship between WordPress and SEO is the availability of WordPress themes that are compatible with SEO. Whenever a WordPress site is created, an individual needs to select a WordPress theme that can also be called as a template.

It is inevitable to note that certain themes would be more adaptable to SEO such as in the case of themes with faster loading speed being preferred because of the concern for website speed as a notable factor for Google. SEO-friendly WordPress themes are also associated with advantages such as higher responsiveness on mobile devices, construction with optimized code, higher security and the facility of optimized code.

Don’t wait anymore!

WordPress can deal with the most noticeable setback in the domain of designing websites and achieving recognition as well as popularity on the internet. The setback is the requirements of web design knowledge and experience for building a website. Therefore, it is easier for developers to create an SEO campaign in considerably limited time without additional costs for the business that might have been required in the case of a web developer to create a site and upload content. Since the essential setback of an SEO campaign is resolved with WordPress, it can be aptly stated that WordPress is the right option for SEO.

Tailoring experience to users

User experience is one of the prominent factors that can determine the time for which users can stay engaged with the content of a particular website. The user experience with a website can be hampered substantially due to an inappropriate web design or inappropriate arrangement of content and low quality or irrelevant images.

WordPress can facilitate diverse options for customization of a website with themes and plugins thereby ensuring the development of creative and design-enriched websites. These factors could contribute to the creation of opportunities for good SEO outcomes from the user experience aspect since Google analytics would be able to observe the metrics of user experience.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, WordPress also allows the benefits of mobile optimization as well as the integration of a website with social media that can, in turn, draw more traffic and thus contribute effectively to SEO prospects for a website. These factors could be accounted for as reasonable evidence for the suitability of WordPress for SEO.

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