Why Might You Want To Keep Information Secret From People Accessing Company Computers?


When a company is in operation, some of the information will be relevant for every single person in the company. This information can be shared freely and there will be no disciplinary action needed at all.

You need to make your entire staff aware of the information that they are free to access. These documents can be scanned and then turned into a digital version of the original hard copy.

You should keep the paper copies of these shared documents after the private scan takes place so that you always have a reference if there is a problem with the individual files or if the computers have developed a technical fault. You should also use a paper file backup system to minimise problems that might arise from hackers targeting your system with malware or ransomware.

However, some files will be intended to be used by just you as the owner, plus shareholders, managers or regular employees. Why might you want keep information secret from people who are accessing the computers on a regular basis? This could include secretaries, managers, employees and work experience trainees.

You Might Want To Keep Performance Monitoring And Disciplinary Records Confidential

Successful businesses monitor the performance of their employees closely. You can share this information with them but no-one else through encryption.

People Might Want To Steal Company Secrets

Your company may have developed software or machinery that is an original idea. When you do this, you will create lots of documents. These will include some very important documents that should be encrypted with a specialist password that will change every so often.

Some people might want to steal the information that is contained within these files. There are several reasons that they could choose to do this. They might have been recently dismissed from the company and they may be doing this as an act of revenge. Some people will be paid by other companies to illicitly acquire rival secrets so that these companies can start to catch up without having to do much work.

You Might Not Want Total Access To Other Employee Wage Information

Whilst transparency is incredibly important for the success of a business, it also helps to build confidence and trust between different team members. However, you might not operate in this way and you could prefer a degree of privacy. For example, you might hire some specialist consultants as freelancers on a short basis, without them becoming full-time employees. The accountant will need to know everything to do with their wages and their payslip.

They can store this information as a paper copy and the documents can also be scanned and stored as encrypted files which have a password only you as the owner and the accountant. You can have discussions about these files without anyone knowing the information that has been stored.

Choose to convert paper documents into encrypted digital files. Then you can select who the files can be viewed and acted upon by.

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