What to consider before buying word press theme


With the unlimited number of themes for creating wordpress websites, confusion is inevitable for most folks in selecting the best. Over thinking about the various available options overwhelms many people. Confusion is what ultimately leads some folks to pick poor quality themes. That possibility can be curbed if proper consideration is done. Know what to consider in finding the perfect theme.


The online market has premium and free wordpress themes. Apparently, most people think that premium themes are the best. That is not the case currently. In the past, themes offered for free were poorly coded. Right now, skilled and creative developers have created remarkable free themes for wordpress. Thus, there is a possibility to obtain the perfect theme for free.


To make the experience of the users great, increasing the speed of the website is vital. People tend to be bored when the page loading speed is low. High loading speed leads to higher search engine rankings. That culminates in high conversion rates that boost revenue. Themes that are poorly coded will slow down the website. That includes heavy features and the use of large file formats.

Design and user experience

The theme helps in making your website to look great. This is an important aspect. People will visit your website if it is attractive. If the theme used in not appealing, your website will be ignored. That shows the need of investing in the finest theme available. Seek a developer that offers the best themes with remarkable php scripts. Good developers have respectable reputation.


According to the studies done by digital marketers, 30% of website visits were done via mobile devices. That is a very huge number considering the millions that visit websites every time. That causes the responsiveness of the theme to be sensitive. Those vending themes have a list of the responsive ones. Using this list will prevent you from making regrettable choices.


WordPress is known to be SEO friendly. That is why most people prefer it to market their businesses and products online. Unfortunately, some of the themes do have the alt and header tags. That makes them unsuitable for effective SEO use. The finest themes will be tagged SEO optimized or SEO ready. Be cautious of those developers that use these terms to sell unreliable wordpress themes.


In future, you might need to make changes on your website to enhance its appearance. That will be a possibility if the theme can be customized. Thus, check if the website has customization features. The themes have plugins that help to increase the complexity of the page. Try to customize the demo provided by the developer. That is the only way to ensure you can customize the theme to your liking.


When procuring the theme, be conscious of its security. Purchase these themes from the most trusted developers. Read reviews shared about the developer. It is prudent to avoid themes that do not attract buyers. Chances are high those themes and their php scripts are retailed by untrusted developers.


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