Using more of the internet to grow your business.


Most businesses in today’s day and age have of online presence, this could include social media, a company website or simply listings on directory websites. With the development of the Internet, including cloud-based software, there is so much more that businesses can do online than ever before. This not only increases a business’ presence in terms of reaching a wider audience, but also allows the business to be more efficient and global in the way that it operates. Imagine, for example, being able to recruit the perfect employee for your business needs even though they are based on the other side of the world. Cloud-based technology allows exactly this type of scenario, whereby both you in your central office and your employees globally have Instant access to the same information and services.

Take your office wherever you go

We have all experienced the frustration of sharing a document through a file sharing service or by email and ending up with multiple drafts of the same document where no one is sure which carries the most up-to-date edits or indeed the correct information. With cloud-based software such as Office 365 or the Google suite of programs, you can now have instant access to the most up-to-date version of the document which is based on a single location and stored in the cloud ready to share with your audience, or to edit by any your team.

Using the cloud however is not just useful for document management but is also now used by variety of providers to enable you to run your business from anywhere with an Internet connection. Cloud based HR and payroll software for example are great way to centrally manage your staff and payments without the need for high-powered computers, servers or bulky files. With integration to Bank accounts, tax authorities and the ability to produce complex reports, you can ensure that your employees are paid, and their HR needs managed regardless of where you are in the world at any given time.

Finding customers. Finding suppliers.

We all know the benefits of having an online presence. Simply having a social media presence such as twitter to engage with your customers and to allow them to contact you is vital in an ever increasingly digital world. The more that we can communicate with a customer base and the broader that this base can be means that we have more opportunities to convert our audience into sales and with excellent service as well as a consistent online presence we can maximise the opportunity for repeat sales too.

But it’s not just customers who will see business online but also potential suppliers which could unlock growth, reduced costs and therefore higher profitability. Services such as offer a way to interact with potential suppliers, to put contracts to tender and to ensure that any new suppliers are on-boarded properly. Their cloud-based service offers not just a way to communicate with your suppliers and to engage potential suppliers in online auctions for their services but also contract and document management for when the deed is done. With detailed reports and analysis of your spend, you can also make accurate predictions and find areas where your business can save money and increase your profitability. Services such as this also utilise cloud-based platforms which means that your business doesn’t have to stop just because you’re out of your office.

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