Tools You Can Use For Online Fantasy Football Drafts


Fantasy football is so much fun for people that play it. Some do it just to have that fun while others actually compete with friends or others for money on sites like Sportito. No matter why you play online fantasy football, you want to be as great as possible. In order to achieve that high level you want, you want to be sure that you are going to get all the help that you can receive. You need information about players, teams and so much more. While there are literally dozens of different tools that can be utilized, here are the ones that are highly recommended. Use them and make sure that you also look for others in order to be as successful as possible.

The Huddle

This is definitely one of the best tools that can be used by the team owners that want to check drafts and stats about players and teams. You can use them during the season or during the draft. The Huddle is a special hub that is maintained by USA Today and that has many specific charts that are especially created for the fantasy football players. Before you will select the player you will know if you choose a starter or a backup. There is even a special Injury report section that will allow you to learn information about the injured players. However, this is a paid option.

Fantasy Pros

This is a great tool that will give you information about rankings around top football fantasy sites through the NFL, CBS, Yahoo and ESPN. You can easily contrast and compare the rankings in just one page. This helps to figure out the players that have a higher value in a later draft round. There is also a special tool that allows you to get player draft suggestions so that you can pick someone good when you have no idea who to choose.

Number Fire

This website offers different tools you can use during your fantasy football adventure. The draft will become so much less arduous and you can learn a lot about the real value of a player together with the acceptable price range. Risk profiles are also built for the team owners that want to rely on fantasy studs that are much more dependable. Tier Sheets is the best tool of the website since rank players are going to be separated by tiers and you can easily maximize choice value.

Roto Viz

One of the huge advantages associated with Roto Viz is that it is quite cheap. It is a perfect option for those that are serious about fantasy football or that would want to compete in fantasy leagues for money. There are many different stats that are available. You can use the information that is offered for a one day pass or for a 7 months access fee. The access fee for the 7 months is just $30.

Make sure that you try as many different fantasy football related tools as possible. Those above are great but you might end up using something else.

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