Tips to Maintain the Battery Life of Samsung Mobile and Replace it after Damage

Changing settings and making tweaks to some features can change the battery life of Samsung mobiles and make them work to optimum level. This smartphone has different modes and features that can be used to enhance the battery life of the mobile. Tweaking the display features can enhance the battery life of the Samsung mobile. This version of the Samsung mobile is resistant to water and dust.

Features to enable and disable

There are options to block background data, reduce brightness, and changing the display to grayscale. These simple tips can enhance the battery life of the mobile phone. Making changes to these features does not disturb the functioning of the phone. Do not keep the performance level to maximum in order to save the battery life. Uninstall app that consumes a lot of power of CPU and background resources. Users can also reduce the frame rates of the CPU in order to enhance the battery life.

Performance can affect the battery life

  • Turn off the location settings when not needed.
  • The location mode uses the mobile internet services or the Wi-Fi services to work.
  • Location settings are not dependant on GPS alone.
  • Users can turn off these settings when the Wi-Fi is not in use.
  • Do not keep the phone’s brightness settings to auto mode.
  • The auto mode uses the phone’s sensors and drains the battery life.
  • On a sunny day, users can lower the brightness level for easy viewing.
  • The power saving mode when enabled can make the battery last for 24 hours.
  • The Samsung S5 battery is not inbuilt and is replaceable.
  • Users can replace the battery themselves that is not malfunctioning.
  • Owners of this samsung mobile can carry replaceable batteries along with them.
  • The charge of the Samsung battery lasts for 17 to 18 hours.
  • Power saving mode enabled on a fully charged phone gives a battery life of 12.5 days.

More about the power saving mode

This phone has a Qualcomm chip fitted in. Due to this, the battery of Samsung S5 is backed up and even heavy users can use the phone for 2 days without charging the phone. If the user is a heavy gamer or someone, who uses the phone frequently for accessing heavy duty apps, listening to music, or performing any other task, it can drain the battery easily.

A normal user can use this Samsung phone for 2.5 days without charging the phone. Samsung S5 battery replacement is easy and the users can do it themselves without the need of a technician. The charge of this phone can last up to 24 hours even when the charge left is as less as 10% in the phone.


This phone is said to have a good battery life. If the CPU usage is on the heavier side, it can drain the battery charge easily. The users must remember that a few changes in the features can enhance the battery functioning for a longer period of time

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