The Treatment of Visitors of a Company


In any company, there are endless visits, whether business, institutional, visits to people, promotional visits, etc.

Whatever type they may be, the visits, in benefit of the best image of the company, must be structured according to the characteristics of the company.

Only by designing a way of behaving for the people involved in the care of those who visit the company, a lot can be achieved because the impression that a person who visits the company takes, whatever the reason for the visit, is part fundamental of the image that the company will have and clearly influences the global image that the entity offers. Therefore, you should take maximum care of the courtesy and good manners towards your visitors, at all levels. It is even more convenient to receive visitors as visitor management procedures like check systems – ilobby offers a wide variety of help to companies.

Types of Visits

In a general way, it can be said that any company, in the sector in which it is immersed, must establish, adapting to its own characteristics, different types of visits of which I will list few:

  • Institutional visits.
  • Visits to the headquarters.
  • Visits to the personnel of the company.

Institutional Visits

Institutional visits are understood as those carried out by distinguished authorities and personalities of all fields and who come to a company building as a result of an invitation to know the entity or to attend any type of activity that takes place in its building. Outside of this framework, the rest of the visits will be considered work.

Visits to the Headquarters of the Company: Public Events

This is the public attending cultural or financial events or other, organized by the company, such as exhibitions, celebrations, presentations, commemorations, awards.

For this type of event, it will be necessary to open a counter where hostesses welcome and accredit the attendees, who must previously show their invitation if necessary. If access is by invitation, no credentials will be given, although improper use may be controlled.

Visits to Members of the Staff

They will be received initially by the reception assistant, who will telephone the person who is the object of the visit to indicate the visitor’s arrival.

Afterward, it will indicate to the visitor how to access the building, where the employee will be waiting for the one who comes to visit him, if he has a secretary, it would be her job to welcome him. The interview will be developed according to what is stated in the previous section.

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