The Role of Workforce Management in Contact Centers


The term workforce management is widely used in the contact center industry. Workforce management (WFM) is a process that ensures the availability of contact center agents with the right set of skills at any given time. Imagine running a contact center for an hour or two with only sales agents and not tech assistants available while the majority of the customers are frantically calling for help with technical issues. Scenarios like this will make one realize the importance of workforce solutions in a contact center.

Making an accurate prediction of call volume is one of the main objectives of the workforce management task. Without an accurate forecast model it will be virtually impossible for a contact center to manage its day-to-day operations efficiently. To make the operations run smoothly it is always best to schedule the agents’ shifts based on the prediction model.

A few years ago the process of workforce management was not that complicated. In those days most companies did not need complex software applications to take care of scheduling. More often than not this task was done manually and everybody was happy with that. Since those times, the organizational structure of most companies went through considerable changes, and therefore it has become almost impossible for the companies, contact centers in particular, to conduct their daily operations without Genesys solutions for workforce management.

Genesys Workforce management solution can help contact centers considerably by helping improve the key performance indicators. By using the power of workforce management tools contact centers can raise the productivity level of the employees, improve management and tracking, as well as take care of the scheduling.

The job of a call center is no longer limited to receiving and answering customers’ queries.  Rather it has evolved into a complex task. A contact center agent is now expected to be able to play multiple roles and juggle multiple tasks, such as replying to customers’ social media queries, answering text messages, sending emails and many others. That is why the number of companies investing in WFM solutions and Workforce Optimization services has been increasing.  WFM solutions enable their employees to work more efficiently and switch between their daily tasks quickly and easily.

Without access to Miratech’s workforce optimization tool, it will be extremely difficult for companies to overcome issues like under-staffing and over-staffing. Over-staffing can increase the operational costs significantly, while under-staffing can seriously damage stability of the organization.

Since modern day workplaces are becoming more complex and more collaborative in nature, a clear line of communication needs to be established across the company. This is the reason many contact centers opt for Genesys workforce management solutions.

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